The holiday is almost here (and I'm not talking about Christmas) because it's nearly Thanksgiving! This means many things for many different people, but here are a few reasons why I think Thanksgiving is the best.

1. The food.

One holiday that actually encourages you to eat and does not disappoint with the food choices I might add. Though the turkey is the main attraction, we can't forget about the sides. Everything from mashed potatoes and gravy to corn, sweet potatoes, rolls, stuffing and green beans. The list goes on... but don't forget about the most important part -- dessert. Grabbing a slice of pecan, apple or pumpkin pie to finish off your meal is the perfect last course. Not to mention, you'll have leftovers to eat for days of everything!

2. Going home/seeing family.

Thanksgiving means time off from school and is when we venture back home or go to visit extended family elsewhere. Going home means avoiding responsibilities and schoolwork, sleeping late and sleeping in your own bed, getting home-cooked meals and catching up on all your favorite TV shows. It also means visiting with family and spending time with the ones you love!

3. It's at the end of the school year.

Thanksgiving break means you are so, so close to finishing the semester! It means that if you can make it one more week and then through finals, you'll be free for that long winter break and can start preparing for the next holiday season.

As if you needed any more reason to love this holiday, these three are my personal favorites. Wishing you all safe travels and a very happy Thanksgiving!