Taking An Elective Acting Class Will Teach You These 6 Skills
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Taking An Elective Acting Class Will Teach You These 6 Skills

Want to take a class that's really chill and fun, yet helps your interpersonal skills and confidence immensely? Take Acting!

Taking An Elective Acting Class Will Teach You These 6 Skills

Many colleges open up intro acting classes to Non-Theatre/Acting majors, in the hopes of giving them a chance to experience acting, even though they are not pursuing a career in it.

Many people think these classes are simply easy A's that don't really teach you how to act. If you're pursuing a career in acting, then yeah – these classes don't go into the specific technique and training that you will need. However, the people taking these classes don't need that.

So then... why should they take the class, if not just for an easy A?

Because acting gives you the opportunity to express yourself in ways you can't anywhere else and gives you people experience unparalleled by other classes. Here's a list of the many reasons you should take an elective acting class:

1. You get to do and say outrageous things

Acting is a good excuse to say things you would never have the gall to say in public -- and probably some things you shouldn't say. If you have a dark sense of humor or a secret dream of acting like a villain, this could be your chance to express that and not get judged for it.

2. Acting a great creative outlet

Who knows? Maybe you'll fall in love with acting and want to make it a lifelong hobby.

3. Acting helps with confidence

Presenting a scene in front of a class can be daunting. Being comfortable with your own vulnerability and emotions is essential for acting. This comfort leads to confidence in your acting, which can translate into your day-to-day life.

4. Acting leads to self-discovery

Interpreting what lines mean, what a character means, and how they would act, leads to self-discovery. You realize more clearly what your own reaction to the text is, and how you yourself would act in that situation. You learn the weird things you do with your hands, body language, etc. --- all things you attempt to control in your performance. Acting leads to a deep understanding of yourself unparalleled by most other skills.

5. Acting teaches you to play with others

This is so important in theatre: You have to learn to get along with castmates and make agreements for a scene. You have to be clear with your scene partner what you think is going on, and what your character's goal in the scene is. You have to make agreements and compromises about how the scene is to be portrayed and what your staging is. This is a great lesson in working with others, and especially being open to their suggestions and criticism.

6. Acting teaches you to take criticism

Well, not criticism per se, but you learn how to take others suggestions and comments and incorporate them into your acting – another lesson that translates into any job.

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