Why You Should Say 'Yes To' Facemasks

6 Reasons To Say 'YES To' Facemasks

Trust me -- your face will thank you later.


I don't know about anyone else, but I am a sucker for face masks. As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, 5 Summer Beauty Products You Must Try If You're Not Good At Makeup, I have very sensitive skin. I have tried numerous amounts of different brands when it comes to face products. Yet, only one has stuck out the most to me - the company YES To. Not only are their products basically made for sensitive skin folks, but they are made from 95 percent natural ingredients, free of parabens and quite possibly the most moisturizing beauty product I have ever used. Here are six facemasks you should try out this summer.

1. Calming Mask


​Not going to lie, this mask tingles slightly! It is almost as if you are wearing an Icy/Hot on your face. Yet, it is completely worth it. After using this mask, my face felt as smooth as a baby's butt and I was super relaxed. 10/10 would recommend if you are not allergic to cucumber and want a mask that leaves you as relaxed as lavender leaves me.

2. Pesky Blackheads?


​I am a sucker for nose strips. Typically I use the Biore ones and let me tell you, this one is 100 percent better. The first step is a serum that is supposed to help break up a little bit of the black heads, while the second step is the actual pore strip. This two step method is much nicer and removes so much more gunk on your nose than a regular pore strip would.

3. Hydrate


​I am also a sucker for anything coconut, so this is a must for me. After using this mask, my face always feels incredibly smooth and the smell makes me feel as though I am on a beach somewhere about to sip some coconut water out of an actual coconut. 12/10 would recommend to anyone, especially those who have more of a reddish undertone to their skin.

4. Clearer Skin?


Holy moly, is this mask one of my favorites -- which I've said about basically all of these masks. As many know activated charcoal is an amazing ingredient for helping to pull out black heads and other dirt in the skin. This mask has become my go-to for when I am on my period and my face decides to become mount pimple. Not only does it help to calm them down, but it also helps to dry them out.

5. Brightening


This mask is super helpful in the brightening department. I have super red undertones and my face is naturally very red. This mask does wonders for helping to relieve some of the redness. The vitamin C also helps to give some color back into the skin and gives a beautiful glow after using.

6. Whole Face


If you are not really one who wants a specific mask for different things, then this is the one for you. The first step helps to exfoliate the skin and helps to reduce redness. While step two helps to brighten and leave the skin feeling radiant and au-natural. This is a must for a simple full face mask and smells AMAZING.

I promise none of this is sponsored -- man do I wish that it was -- but, I can honestly say that this is one of the best companies I have ever used when it comes to caring for my face. I also buy all of my masks at Target because hello, it's Target and they sell them for only $2.49 plus tax. So not only are they cheap, but they are such amazing quality that I legit stock up on these bad boys. Yes To is a wonderful company that really values the products they use in their products -- plus they are cruelty free!! Seriously would recommend this amazing company if you have super sensitive skin, but love having a girls night or glass of wine and relaxing with a bowl of popcorn or chocolate with the added face masks.

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