Recently, I have been watching a plethora of Youtube beauty gurus. Because of this, I have recently become more obsessed with makeup, which has not helped my bank account at all. I am not very good at makeup overall. My typical go-to everyday look is mascara, some BB cream, and to do my eyebrows. I have come across quite a few products that are not over the top and quite cheap. I buy all of my products from Ulta or online. I am by no means anywhere close to a makeup professional, all of these are products that I have recently gotten into and think they deserve more clout than what they have. So here are a few beauty products to try out.

1. NYX BB Cream

I am not good at contouring or applying foundation. So my go to overall face cream is BB cream. I have found that NYX's BB cream is not only pretty cheap but excellent when it comes to full coverage. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I cannot put a ton of makeup on my fave, but I have no problem with this. This also leaves my face feeling extra moisturized even after a long day.

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