16 Reasons Not To Worry Your Freshman Year
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16 Reasons Not To Worry Your Freshman Year

The idea of starting college can be scary but here's a few things to help ease your mind.

16 Reasons Not To Worry Your Freshman Year

So you're sitting in class and after a few groans and grumbles from the your peers, your teacher explains that the class is tough to help prepare you for college! They continue on to remind about the importance of due dates because again, college professors won't chase after you for assignments or remind you of deadlines! Looking back that sounded terrifying! The basic idea of college was even a bit scary. So, if you are a freshman and new to your college campus or a senior working through your last year or maybe even someone who hasn't started college yet but are considering it... I hope these 16 reasons why college isn't scary put your mind at ease.

1. You're not the only freshman

I remember when I was getting ready for my first semester at college and during my first week, I felt pretty alone, most of the people I know are father ahead in their college careers, but it started listening to other students talk in my classes and remembered that I wasn't the only freshman there... I wasn't alone and they were in the exact same boat as me.

2. Everyone is looking for new friends

Just like you, about 95% of the freshman at your new school are or will be looking for new friends. Other students from their classes to study with or students with the same major who they can relate with. Just about everyone is in the same boat. And let's not forget those awkward orientations and introduction sessions. Chances are, if you approach someone and strike up a conservation at an orientations or a club meeting, they're looking for friends just like you are.

3. You can travel and learn at the same time

Studying abroad has become a huge program at a majority of schools today. They offer trips all around the world for Europe to Asia. Not to mention, most of these programs and schools offer the classes in English so you don't have to know a foreign language to go. How could it get any better? You get to travel across the world and get college credit for it.

4. There's a club for anything you can imagine

If you can name it, there's a club for it. Political parties, movie watching, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Community clubs, LGBTQ+ and support clubs, cultural clubs, honor clubs, religious clubs and even game clubs. They've got it all.

5. You get to study and learn about something you really love

Let's not forget, you get to choose your major! And you're not sure what you would like to study, you can sit in on classes and take electives to get a feel for different majors.

6. If you realize that you don't love your major, you can change it

Another great thing about college is that after you've taken a class or two from your major, you realize you don't love it or have no interest in it. You can change your major to something else or go undecided for a semester... the possibilities are endless.

7. Therapy dogs

Many colleges have began bringing therapy animals to campus to help students destress. My school brings a group of about ten therapy dogs to campus every two weeks and they usually spend the day on the quad and students are free to spend as much time as they want with them. It's honestly awesome, it always makes my day better when they're on campus.

8. Activities on the quad & around campus

There will be activities on the quad or somewhere on campus at least once every week. Sometimes therapy dogs, the occasional inflatable obstacle course, speakers, lecturers, bingo, movie nights, plays, sports games and most residence halls have events for residents hosted by the CA's.

9. The food is usually pretty good

Now I can't speak for all schools but the food here at Bloomsburg is pretty good. A lot of schools are welcoming other restaurants and cafes onto campus such as Starbucks, Subway and Chic-fil-a.

10. Professors care about you and what they do

All of the professors that I've had are professors because they're passionate about the subjects they teach so they care about their classes and the students in them. They put a lot of care and thought into their courses and that's what makes them the best.

11. Your professors want you to succeed

I know in high school your teachers told you that once a professor gave you an assignment it was up to you the rest of the way but, professors want you to succeed not fail. Every professor has office hours and typically they are more than willing to help anyone who needs it. They also send out reminders and announce due dates in class. They are much kinder and friendly than we were led to believe.

12. Living in a dorm is fun

Colleges are starting to offer a wide variety housing for all your wants and needs from traditional residence halls to suites with private bathrooms. Not to mention, your very first roommate could end up being your best friend, just like mine! Dorms are lots of fun and the CA's typically have all sorts of fun activities and contests throughout the year.

13. There's no one to say you can't get pizza at 12 a.m.

There is a lot of freedom that comes with college, especially being away from your parents. And whether or not you want to be up at 12 a.m. on a Tuesday you probably will be at some point because you have to finish the paper you've put off and is now due at 9 a.m. the next day. If, in the middle of the madness, you decide you want, wings or pizza or Chinese, you can get it.... there's no one to tell you not to.

14. You get to explore a new town or city

I think this is sometimes the scariest part for students, but keep in mind that unless they commute the other students on campus are or were new to this town too. The exciting part is that new towns come with new stores, new restaurants, new shops and new places to hang out with your future friends. You'll have a blast exploring your new town!

15. You get to be you

A lot of people enjoy college because on top of all of those other wonderful things, they finally get to be themselves. Some people feel restricted or choose to avoid expressing themselves freely in high school or at home for a wide variety of reasons. So college is the perfect opportunity to do so, with tons of people who have similar interest whether through academics or clubs, it can be much easier to find friends and like minded people who accept you and allow you to be free!

16. You've found your second home for the next four years

I think, this has to be one of the most exciting parts of college! The school you've chosen or are considering should be one you genuinely love because you're going to spend at least the next four years there! And when you really love your school, it becomes your second home... and you may not love every second of those dreaded papers or assignments but at the end of the day when you're walking around campus and you look around, you'll realize that you're happy you chose that place.

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