7 Reasons You Should Definitely Not Join A Sorority

7 Reasons You Should Definitely Not Join A Sorority

Because in a girl-eat-girl world, there's so many reasons we should discourage an organization where women empower other women.

In a society that talks about how vicious girls are and the competition that comes with being a female, you would imagine that more people would support Greek life and the unity that comes with it. We live in a world where girls try their best to bring other girls down. Women can be and are shamed for just about anything and everything we can be criticized for. But, I mean, there's just so many reasons that women should not join Greek life.

1. You'll be held to a higher standard

Greek life is all about developing you into a better student, sister, and person. You will be required to do community service, attend philanthropy events and more. Who would want to push themselves in order reach their full potential?

2. You'll become more involved with your campus

If you're involved in Greek life the chances are you'll be more involved with campus affairs. Sororities are always hosting events on campus, tabling in the lounge, and encouraging you to be a part of other organizations as well.

3. You'll be a part of something bigger than yourself

Being in a sorority means being a part of something bigger than yourself. You'll raise money for your philanthropy whether it's for cancer, mental health, heart disease, etc. Not only will you be raising money for a good cause, but you'll also be empowering other women through unity all over the world.

4. You'll meet amazing women

You will form friendships and a sisterhood with amazing women that you would have never known before. The women from your sorority will lift you up, push you, and be there for you like no one else is. But, who needs a support system anyways?

5. You'll form a network

Not only will you meet your sisters in your chapter, but you will meet alumnae, sisters from other colleges, and members of Greek life who aren't in your sorority.

6. You'll gain a new confidence in yourself that you never knew you had

One day my dad told me "Surround yourself with people that you aspire to be like." When I joined my sorority, I joined a group of women that I looked up to and wanted to follow in their footsteps. They didn't let me down; they showed me that I didn't need to be like them- because I was me. And being me is enough.

7. You just might have the time of your life

Being in Greek life changed who I am as a person, and I can honestly say I have never been happier. Unfortunately, for most people, though, there's just too many reasons you shouldn't join a sorority.

Cover Image Credit: Mackenzie Rogers

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Let's Be Confident And Loving Towards Our Own Genders

Sororities, Workplaces, And Social Life

My name is Melissa Sims and I’m in Alpha Chi Omega sorority. I went and listened to a motivational speaker for women and sororities and I would like to share the empowering knowledge that he brought to my eyes. I have always been afraid of feminists and the overbearing manner that they stereotypically carry, but this showed me that women love and need each other.

Being in a sorority brings about standards, regulations and certain images that we have to meet as "proper women of society." There are many women in sororities around the United States who face oppression and fear of the hierarchy that is instilled within the group, but we are fortunate enough to go to a school where this is not an issue.

However, even in the best schools, the century-old stigmas that men work under the power of men still stands. The speaker mentioned that we still, as sorority girls, dress for men at parties. We flaunt our bodies and desire male attention for the wrong reasons. We also drink for men, when they tell us to chug, to take shots, to "go hard." I am not saying I have not done these things, like dressing for men, but now, if I do them, it is out of my choosing. I dress for me, not for the eyes of drunken boys who only see a body and not a face.

Self-worth is something all women need to work on, especially in modern society. For example, the speaker told us a story about a fraternity residing at another school, neither of which will be named, created an event called the ‘Petting Zoo’ where women buy shirts and tickets to come and touch the men of the fraternity. The saddest part of this story is that sororities on campus actually competed to buy the MOST shirts or the MOST tickets. This not only shows a really bad taste in morale but shows low self-worth and standards. Why, for example, do we raise money at FGCU for fraternities like Sigma Chi in Derby days and do all the work and put in the time and emotional effort when they do not only help with our fundraisers but cannot even match half the money we raise for them? Cooking, cleaning, helping set up for events, walking around and raising awareness; these are all simple tasks that they can complete that can make a huge difference.

We as women must show confidence and independence not only in Greek life but socially and in the workplace. He told us, the audience, that as an employer, he looks for confident, strong women. A woman came in one day for an interview where he worked and he asked her to do something somewhat outrageous. When the woman stood her ground and not only said the task was too risky but defended her argument in a profession and determined manner. She was then hired on the spot, simply for knowing herself, her limits, and speaking her mind.

Let’s say a woman is in a board meeting in a room full of men and the woman proposes an idea. The idea is then shot down by a majority of the men and the woman silently obeys and moves on. The success is lost; nobody wants a team member who just follows the crowd. This is not a successful career or life perspective. If the woman proposes an idea that isn’t majority favored, she should then explain her theory, defend it, and be confident in her ability to make the job happen.

Women in the world right now need to understand that we only have ourselves to lean on. When we are mean to each other, it makes other girls think that it’s okay to make a person feel bad. The speaker spoke about how women nowadays need each other. When one woman is mean to another, for a man, this creates a distrust and fear between a gender that needs all the love and support we can get. He said, “Don’t tear down your sex.” These are words I live by.

“Society does not need or want women around who cannot be supportive or caring to one another. Set a positive example for younger girls. There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women, whether they are in the face of adversity or not.”

I now have a new appreciation for the love and generosity that this man has brought to my eyes. Love is not hard to give, you simply must be open to it. Women are strong, powerful, and unique. Every woman is passionate about something, so let us help one another to achieve our goals, to reach new heights, and build a better bond together.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

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