10 Reasons You Will Miss Your Mom When You Go To College

Throughout your life your mom has been nagging at you constantly. I am sure this annoyed you at some point but now that you're moving out, who will bug you all the time? She won't be there for you in a time of need when you're sick or need a shoulder to cry on. Therefore, here are several other reasons you'll miss her like crazy.

1. She makes the best home made food.

I bet you are thinking that you won't miss her cooking because you now have a cafeteria full of anything you want. However, I promise you that no amount of soft serve will make you forget your mother's potato soup.

2. You and her won't just run to the store together anymore.

With you living 2+ hours away it is very difficult to just run to Target real quick. No matter how bad you want to pick out a new outfit with her or grab a tub of ice cream, it'll have to wait for a holiday break.

3. You have to clean. By yourself.

Those crumbs of Goldfish crackers? The tooth paste in the sink? Yep, that's your responsibility now. Good luck.

4. You have to remember everything that you are supposed to do.

Homework due in 6 hours? Your clothes in the dryer? Turning in important paperwork? That's all up to you now. You're an "adult", whatever that is.

5. She is the best cheerleader.

Believe it or not, your friends don't really care that you got a B+ on that important project. They probably don't care that your room is totally clean either. Better call your mom up and tell her.

6. You're having a bad day.

You could really use her right now. You need a shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately, you'll have to opt for a friend or pillow instead. The good news is, your mama will always be there for you. Need her? Give her a call.

7. She's a great doctor.

You have come down with the worst cold. You're convinced that your fever would be down if you had your mom taking care of you. ( You're probably right. I guess that nasty medicine really does make you feel better.)

8. She makes you laugh.

She is one of the only people in the whole world that can honestly make you belly laugh by tickling you. You wish you could go back in time and let her tickle you more when you were younger. It would be great if she could just live at school with you, right?

9. She always has the juicy dirt.

Although you're not in high school anymore, you make it a point to tell your mom about any new information pertaining to how your old friends are doing. She's your best friend. Your go-to secret sharing pal.

10. She is the only one you get.

Love your mother, you'll never have another. You should cherish your mom every day as much as you can. You don't get another one after she is gone. If you're reading this, give your mom a little extra love today.

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