5 Reasons to Love Horror Films
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5 Reasons to Love Horror Films

Be afraid...be very afraid.

5 Reasons to Love Horror Films
Consumed by Film

Heart racing, adrenaline pumping, eyes covered by sweaty palms -- all feelings consequential to watching a scary movie. Lately, it seems as though everyone I know has mentioned they have a hatred for scary movies (because some of them are genuinely terrifying). About a month ago during lunch with my best friends Maddie and Tolu, we began discussing the elements of horror films. Tolu can barely stand being in the same room as one plays on a screen; however, Maddie and I find ourselves on the edge of our seats, stuffing our mouths with popcorn wondering what will happen next. As we discussed our differences in opinion, I decided on the idea of sharing with everyone a few reasons as to why horror films can be so entertaining.

1. Safe Behind the Screen

Watching characters in a movie experience our worst fears is frightening; however, this is the best part about scary movies. We (the audience) are not the ones being chased, attacked, haunted, etc. -- someone else is! By watching horror films, we are also allowing ourselves to observe how the characters react or make choices due to scary situations. This gives us a chance to learn, for example, that maybe it's not a great idea to watch a cursed videotape that will cause your house phone to ring and casually let you know you have seven days to live? Just a suggestion.

2. The Thrill of Being Scared

The feeling of being afraid, hopefully, is not something everyone feels on a regular basis. Therefore, letting the feeling of fear consume you for only about an hour and a half on a weekend-night feels to me like riding a roller coaster. It's an unexplainable thrill as a jump-scare pops up in the scary movie I'm watching, allowing me to scream for a second, then laugh about it once it's over.

3. Playing Detective

For scary movies focused more on mystery and suspense rather than pure bloodshed and gore, it's really entertaining when I can spend the movie wondering, "Who is the killer?" or "Why is this happening?" The latter rarely gets answered, but getting to the bottom of what's going on in a horror film helps take my mind off of the more fearful aspects of the movie.

4. Plot Twists

If there's anything I love most about a really good scary movie, it's a crazy and unexpected plot twist! Playing detective is so much more fun when you think you have the storyline all figured out, but then, just as you have every reason to believe you know how this movie will tie it all together, the ending changes, and you never saw it coming. Horror movies with plot-twist endings will keep Maddie and me thinking and talking about them for days.

*Best recommendation for a 'plot twist scary movie night' is The Boy (2016); if you watch it, let me know what you think!

5. Bonding with Friends or Family

Anyone who has seen a scary movie with me knows I can't watch without holding my hands over my eyes and peeking through the gaps between my fingers. If I can barely build up the courage to look at the screen fully, how could I manage to watch horror films alone? Memories I have with my friends or family while watching horror films are so clear in my head because through the jumping, screaming, and grabbing onto each other in fear, they are some of my favorite bonding moments. Because Tolu is so terrified of scary movies, I will always remember she had to be held down (to keep her from running out of the room) as we screamed watching the ending of The Boy, and we laugh about it all the time.

As my mom introduced me to horror films when I was younger and assured me there was nothing to be afraid of, I began to think like her and found the fun in them rather than avoiding them. Now when someone asks you to see the newest scary movie in theaters, think of me, and try to keep your mind open to what could be your new favorite movie genre.

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