All The Reasons You Should Love Your Family Reunions

Your family is crazy.

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I know this. Everyone's family is. In their own way.

It's like the quote that Jeff Foxworthy is always saying. "If you think your family is the craziest one you've ever seen, just go to a state fair."

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That quote definitely isn't verbatim, but you guys get what I'm going for.

Spending time with your family, especially the ones that you don't really get to see often is a blessing. It's like all of the time you spent apart never happened, after they have to rave about how much you've grown, or in my case, haven't grown.

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You get to reminisce about songs that both the old and the new generation don't know about. You get to make plans for another reunion in the coming future. You also get to reflect on memories about people that are no longer here.

You get to enjoy those times where you could hear their voice, times where they just made the room come alive, times that you miss very dearly and you still hold close to your heart even three years later.

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So it's important to have those moments with your family. Even when it seems impossible to get the days off work, even when it seems like too far a drive for one person to make by themselves.

The next time you have the opportunity to spend this quality time with your family, jump on it. Make the best of it. Take pictures, dance, and just let yourself be free.

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Who better to be yourself around than your family?

At least that's how I hope it is with you and your family. And if it's not, feel free to let loose anyway. Who cares what other people, even if it is your family, think?

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Live your best life! Enjoy your family!

And have some fun while you're at it.

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