1. Hedgehogs

Just look up some pictures. If you don't smile looking at a few pictures of how precious they look just going about their daily lives, you have no soul.

2. Singing in the car with your friends

There's nothing nicer than jamming out, dancing and basically screaming the lyrics with the windows down on a cool summer day.

3. Getting out of class early

Even if it's only a few minutes, they're minutes that you're not trapped in those uncomfortable desks learning.

4. Compliments

Whether you're getting them, or giving them, they can make someones day so much better.

5. Delicious food

All I can say is yum.

6. Your favorite TV show releasing a new season

Sometimes it takes up to a month for a full season to come out, and if you're anything like me, you don't actually watch TV. So that means I have to wait for it to then come out on Netflix or Hulu to watch it.

7. Flowers

Flowers are beautiful everywhere. You could see them in a bouquet in a grocery store, in a picture on someones wall, or in a field out in nature.

8. Anything to do with the sun

Sun rays, sun rises, sun sets, the sun through the clouds. A bright beautiful day is bound to put you in the best moods

9. Adventures

Car rides, long hikes, a trip down the street, or even to the room next door.

10. Someone smiling at you

Casual smiles while passing by each other is nice and makes you think that other people actually like you.

11. Brunch

Who doesn't love breakfast after you got to sleep in a few extra hours?

12. Butterflies in your stomach

It's a nice feeling, however it's scary to think about the affect people have on you.

13. Laying down in your bed after a long day

More specifically the moment your head hits the pillow and your get really heavy and you know you're about to fall into the deepest sleep of your life.

14. Seeing old friends you lowkey forgot about

It's nice to see some familiar faces after a while.

15. Your favorite drink/snack when you need it the most

It's your favorite for a reason and it can turn a bad day into a good day.

16. Bonfires

Curling up by a fire and roasting some s'mores.

17. Board games

Sure, some fights may ensue if you have some pretty competitive friends, but it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

18. Getting an A on something you didn't think you would

How disappointing is it to get a bad grade on something, but surprise, you got a good grade? Congrats, today is gonna be a good day.

19. Girl Scout cookies

Who doesn't love giving back to the community and getting cookies in return?

20. Short lines

What is even better is when the line is really long, but it moves really fast.

21. Surprises

SURPRISE!!!!!!! You're going to have a great day.

22. Having more time than you thought

There's nothing more anxious than thinking you're going to run out of time.

23. Sleeping in

We could all use a few hours of sleep every once in a while.

24. Music

Music is made to make you happy, so enjoy some tunes and slap a smile on your face.

25. Succulents

Look at those tiny little cacti. Even regular sized cacti are gorgeous.