Reasons I Joined The Odyssey

Reasons I Joined The Odyssey

Here are 5 reasons that personally made me want to join the Odyssey!

Ever since I had first heard about the Odyssey I wanted to be a part of it, but several things early on stopped me. You see, usually I don't like people seeing what I write. My writing is often dark and makes others uncomfortable, so I don't like to see them read it. I also have just never had much confidence in my writing and I always felt sub-par compared to my friends that loved to write. But after a lot of thinking -- as well as a series of fortunate events -- I have decided to join the Odyssey and begin to share something that I love to do with others! Here are some reasons on my why I joined the Odyssey.

1. Playwriting Class:

This semester I am in an elective for my major and it is Playwriting. In this class, we have taken part in many writing exercises and even had to write a play. Over spring break as I sat down to write everyday I was reminded more and more of how much I love to write. Just letting the words come out of my mind and onto the page without even thinking is such a fun and soothing process. Writing this play really helped me gain my confidence back because I really loved what I wrote.

2. Friends:

Before joining, some of my closest friends were in the Odyssey group on campus. I had read their articles many times and shared them on Facebook and sometimes talked to them to them on what they were writing about. One day when I was with some of these friends they talked about the meeting that they had to go to. Being an extrovert, I was not about to miss out on this social gathering that would be happening nearby. So, naturally I (and a few others) barged into this meeting and collectively decided to join it. Of course we got on the nerves of our editor, but she was also happy to have so many new participants!

3. Experience:

"One day, I want to write a book!" -Something I have said playfully to many of my friends before. No, I do not want to write a book. I wouldn't mind writing a book, but I don't have any desire to do so. However I do have a small dream of writing a play/film. In order to do something at that level one should have experience writing in an at least semi-professional publishing company. Although I'm not writing for the New York Times just yet, I am getting some real experience taking part in the Odyssey.

4. Involvement:

My family can attest that I have always had a desire to be involved in as much as I can ever since I was a young age. Whether it be in sports or a group at school I liked to keep myself busy. I tried to be in as many things as possible at once and although it has caused me plenty of stress over the years, I need to be involved to survive. The thing with college is that it is harder to be involved in so many things unlike high school. I'm not able to be in shows with Theatre if I'm playing football. Writing for the Odyssey allows me to have an involvement in another area of school without causing me too much stress.

5. A New Outlet:

Despite being an incredibly talkative extrovert, I have never been very good at talking about my emotions or feelings. I have always been much better at writing them down. Whether it be a more personal issue or even if it is about my feelings on chicken tenders, I believe that writing them down for people to read will be very helpful for me to express myself!

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