Planners are one back to school item that gives me the illusion that I have my life together. This year, when back to school shopping, I stumbled across something called the "Happy Planner". At first, I rolled my eyes but after giving in and purchasing the planner, I started to discover the reasons why it was called a "happy" planner and why everyone should invest in them.

* Disclaimer- this is not sponsored, I just really like Happy Planners*

1. It has the word "happy" in the name.

Going back to school can be a stressful time for most. Buying school supplies with the word "happy" in it give the hope, or at least the illusion, that they will bring joy into the stress & chaos of school. Every time I look at the brand, I can't help but smile, it literally says happy. On the hard days, it works as a reminder to be happy or at least to smile.

2. It comes with stickers

Writing down exam days and project due dates can be stressful but at least you can decorate the pages with coffee stickers and brunch pictures for the following days. Yes, it doesn't take away the stress of looming due dates but atleast you can look at cute stickers for upcoming fun events so you have something to look forward to.

3. You can buy expansion packs.

Most people are into something whether it be fitness, food, parties, sports - whatever it may be, chances are that Happy Planner sells an expansion pact. This means that whatever you fill your time with, you'll be able to get extra pages and stickers specifically for what you like to do, which, chances are you'll be filling your planner with anyway.

4. You can move around the pages.

Nobody's life is like anyone else exactly, that's why it's so great that you can move the pages around in a style that suits you and your life. I like to have my months and important days before my weeks with my expansion packs in between. That's the order that makes the most sense to me and because the pages are removable, I am able to.

5. You deserve it!

Being a college student is hard, and yes it is important to work hard and save money. That being said, if you can spend just a little bit more on one thing that can bring more happiness and joy into your life, then I recommend doing so. Little steps of self-care lead to being a happier, healthier, more productive students.