10 Reasons Why I'm 'Quiet'

10 Reasons Why I'm 'Quiet'

'Why don't you ever say anything?'

“You’re always so quiet.”

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

“Why don’t you ever talk?”

These are things I hear on an almost-daily basis from friends, family, and strange people I hardly know. Sometimes, on those especially special days, people will notice and think I’m just being more quiet than usual when it’s a typical day for me. I don’t talk a lot. And there're several reasons for that.

And, if you’d care to listen (or read, whichever works best for these words before you), I’ll give them here.

1. I’m a thinker.

I don’t say every word that comes to my mind. In fact, I only say very few of the words that come to mind. Many people talk and talk and talk, not even caring what they’re saying, just caring that something is coming out of their mouth.

2. I value my privacy.

I don’t say everything because I don’t want you to know everything. It would be too difficult to explain everything anyway when asked: “Whatcha thinking about?” So I really honestly despise that question.

3. People don’t listen.

It takes me a little longer to process and develop answers because I prefer having all the information and thinking things through before verbalizing and, well, people often don’t have the patience necessary to wait for me to speak. If they do wait, and if they do let me speak, they often don’t truly listen to what I’m saying and that’s frustrating. So I don’t say anything.

4. My words do not come out the way I see them in my mind.

I can write essays and novels and speeches without a problem, but when it comes to getting those words in my cranium out of my mouth and into the ears of those around me, it’s…it’s just bad. I’m getting better at this one. Being eloquent is something I aspire to be, and I’ve got a ways to go, but I do want my words to be art (in writing and speaking).

5. Listening is a preferred method of communication.

I enjoy hearing what others have to say. I enjoy hearing about your life and what’s going on. I’d rather hear about you than talk about me.

6. It’s more comfortable.

By watching and not talking, I can take information in, keep myself to myself, and just sort of relax. Is this a good thing? Maybe not, but it’s true.

7. I don’t want to say just anything.

I aim to be picky about my words. I don’t want to be foolish or rude or tear anybody down by my words. I don’t want to spout off angry nonsense. That’s not who Jesus Christ calls me to be.

8. I’m stuck in my mind.

This isn’t such a good one. Often I don’t talk because I render myself unable to do so by how much I think and overthink and think some more. If you personally know me, please draw me out of my mind. Thank you in advance.

9. It’s who I am.

I’m just a quiet, not-very-talkative person.

10. I prefer writing.

My thoughts are communicated most clearly through this art. And I prefer to keep it that way. (This means phone calls are a bane of my existence. Please text me.)

So, as you can see by this list, I’m a growing human being. I have my faults. I have things to still learn. I actually really do love to have meaningful, deep conversations with people. I absolutely adore being listened to by those few people who truly listen and weigh my words like I do theirs. Please don’t see my not talking or my being quiet as a flaw or as something that needs to be changed. This is who I am and I’m okay with that. I love to listen and to observe. But please don’t hesitate to talk with me. I do like to talk as well. Just not all the time.

And that’s okay.

Cover Image Credit: Ryan McGuire

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8 Reasons Why My Dad Is the Most Important Man In My Life

Forever my number one guy.

Growing up, there's been one consistent man I can always count on, my father. In any aspect of my life, my dad has always been there, showing me unconditional love and respect every day. No matter what, I know that my dad will always be the most important man in my life for many reasons.

1. He has always been there.

Literally. From the day I was born until today, I have never not been able to count on my dad to be there for me, uplift me and be the best dad he can be.

2. He learned to adapt and suffer through girly trends to make me happy.

I'm sure when my dad was younger and pictured his future, he didn't think about the Barbie pretend pageants, dressing up as a princess, perfecting my pigtails and enduring other countless girly events. My dad never turned me down when I wanted to play a game, no matter what and was always willing to help me pick out cute outfits and do my hair before preschool.

3. He sends the cutest texts.

Random text messages since I have gotten my own cell phone have always come my way from my dad. Those randoms "I love you so much" and "I am so proud of you" never fail to make me smile, and I can always count on my dad for an adorable text message when I'm feeling down.

4. He taught me how to be brave.

When I needed to learn how to swim, he threw me in the pool. When I needed to learn how to ride a bike, he went alongside me and made sure I didn't fall too badly. When I needed to learn how to drive, he was there next to me, making sure I didn't crash.

5. He encourages me to best the best I can be.

My dad sees the best in me, no matter how much I fail. He's always there to support me and turn my failures into successes. He can sit on the phone with me for hours, talking future career stuff and listening to me lay out my future plans and goals. He wants the absolute best for me, and no is never an option, he is always willing to do whatever it takes to get me where I need to be.

6. He gets sentimental way too often, but it's cute.

Whether you're sitting down at the kitchen table, reminiscing about your childhood, or that one song comes on that your dad insists you will dance to together on your wedding day, your dad's emotions often come out in the cutest possible way, forever reminding you how loved you are.

7. He supports you, emotionally and financially.

Need to vent about a guy in your life that isn't treating you well? My dad is there. Need some extra cash to help fund spring break? He's there for that, too.

8. He shows me how I should be treated.

Yes, my dad treats me like a princess, and I don't expect every guy I meet to wait on me hand and foot, but I do expect respect, and that's exactly what my dad showed I deserve. From the way he loves, admires, and respects me, he shows me that there are guys out there who will one day come along and treat me like that. My dad always advises me to not put up with less than I deserve and assures me that the right guy will come along one day.

For these reasons and more, my dad will forever be my No. 1 man. I love you!

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If You Think Belly Dancing Is Sexual, You're Missing The Whole Point

Believe it or not, exposed stomachs aren't inherently sexual.


What we know as belly dancing here in America started in the middle east as a way for mothers to teach their daughters how to isolate certain muscles that they would use in childbirth, thus making the process an easier one when it was their time to go through it.

This cultural dance began with mothers teaching daughters behind closed doors where men weren't allowed to watch. It's possible that this fact helped cause some of the negative stigmas behind it by people who do not know its true origin.

Long story short (because I'm not looking to place false facts in this article), belly dancing moved over to America after a while and it wasn't necessarily accepted at first. Today, there is a multitude of belly dancing styles, including belly dance fusion which combines more traditional dancing with modern takes on it by blending multiple cultures or dancing styles.

You're probably wondering why a white girl such as myself is trying to educate you on something that clearly isn't a part of my own culture. Well, for those of you who don't know (or who couldn't recognize me from the cover photo), I belly dance at my university as part of an extracurricular club.

This club is easily one that I am most passionate about. I joined the club in my first semester as a freshman and have stuck with it for the past six semesters, and plan to stick with it for my last two. I came into the club with little previous dance experience and no previous belly dance experience, much like almost everyone else I've seen come and go.

I've heard of professors at my school who said they wouldn't go to our shows because it "made him uncomfortable." Why? Because our stomachs are out and we're moving our hips? That doesn't make our dancing inherently sexual.

We have a rule within our club that if any of us go out to parties, we cannot use belly dancing moves to try to woo guys or girls. Because guess what? That's not the point of belly dancing.

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