Guy friends are the literal bomb. They are highly underrated. Honestly they need more recognition. Here are a few reasons guy friends are so awesome.

1. They are low-maintenance.


Guy friends don't need you to check up on them every day. You know for a fact that even if you don't constantly talk your friendship is always without a doubt there. They also are there to just talk. You don't need to impress them, they don't care about what you wear or what you do. Honestly they would be down to just simply hang out, running to Sonic or Canes is a good time with a guy friend.

2. There really is no drama with guy friends.


When you have guy friends, you don't have to worry about getting into fights about petty little things. You also don't have to worry or overthink with them. They aren't going to be picking apart every single word you say and vice versa. Guy friends are straight up with you, they will always give you the honest and blunt truth. You don't have to worry about any drama with them.

3. You always have a biased opinion.


The last reason is they are great at advice. They truly CAN be the best listeners at times. When they listen they give you some solid and helpful advice about your situation. They aren't in it so they can look at it from both sides and give you reasonable advice. Also they are great to just vent to in times of need.

Obviously, there are many reasons why guy friends are great, but here are just the main reasons. These are what I have personally experienced. Guy friends we appreciate and love you!