Sorry, But PSLs Can't Save Fall From Being The Worst Season

October is here, which means it is now time to embrace pumpkin spice and scary movies with open arms. While breaking out your favorite cardigans and searching for haunted houses can be a fun thing to look forward to after living in a hot dorm for the latter end of the summer, why is the Halloween season so exaggerated? Is it actually worth being placed above other holidays? Check out the following list if you too are over the Halloween hype.

1. The season to celebrate is too long

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dragging out a holiday as much as possible. For some reason, however, it's almost as if it is acceptable for Halloween and not other holidays. For example, a lot of people begin the Halloween festivities as soon as September rolls around, creating two whole months of Halloween. Meanwhile, many would argue that any signs of Christmas/winter holiday decor before Black Friday is "too soon." If society is going to put a time restraint on the window of time to celebrate other holidays, Halloween can join in.

2. College Halloweekend isn't all that

Let's be honest, Halloweekend isn't much different than any other weekend in college. Pretty much the same events and festivities occur. The only difference is that this time, people are dressed up in costume. Sure, the reputation of Halloweekend may cause more crowds, but this only makes your time out less enjoyable.

3. Christmas movies are better!

For starters, you don't need to use Halloween as an excuse to watch scary movies. Almost all Halloween movies (with the exception of "Hocus Pocus") are either no different than any other horror movie, campy, or extremely cheesy. Christmas movies on the other hand ALWAYS warm your heart and are the perfect way to stay in the holiday spirit. I don't know about you, but I don't feel too jolly after watching Jason chase after people with a knife.

4. The idea of dressing up doesn't send a positive message

Dressing up is fun as a kid, and it still is as an adult. The idea behind dressing up as an adult isn't very uplifting, though. While children use Halloween costumes as a way to express themselves, us adults tend to use it as something to hide behind. Many feel as though dressing up and being someone their not for a night will give them a new-found confidence, which is a bit toxic. Wearing costumes should be used as an extension to show who we are, not conceal what we're ashamed of or unconfident in.

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