This summer I had one of the best internship experiences that one could have. As a rising senior this was my second real-life job working in my field, graphic design. My advice to all college students is to take advantage of the opportunities that are out there for you. Here are ten of the top reasons why you should intern more than once during your education.

1. Networking, bro.

You never know who you'll meet. The people you work with can potentially be used as references when you apply to your first job after college.

2. Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life?

Internships allow you to know if your "passion" is actually your passion.

3. If it's out what other people do throughout the company.

Everyone experiences work differently. If you're feeling it then talk about your feelings with someone.

4. What kind of work atmosphere am I looking for?

The energy in your work environment is essential. No one wants to work in a negative atmosphere.

5. Where do I want to live when I graduate?

The question that we're all thinking 24/7.

6. Is there room for me to grow in this company?

If you really like this company you're interning at, then make you sure you're making an effort to show that you want to work there after graduation.

7. How does this company treat full-time employees?

Pay attention to how the executives at the company treat their employees. They could treat you that way if you continue to stay with them, be careful.

8. Moolah.

We're all broke college students here, and one thing we need more than food to survive for the day is money.

9. It only lasts 3 months.

Three months honestly zooms by, especially if you really enjoy interning at the company.

10. Experience, experience, experience.

You won't be able to grow if you don't put yourself out there.