8 Reasons Birthday Are The Best

1. It's your own personal holiday

Birthdays are designed for individuals - not groups of people. Take the day to be a little selfish and treat yo' self.

2. Guilt-free cake eating

3-layer chocolate cake with a whipped raspberry ganache frosting? On a regular, I might think twice, but since it's my birthday I'll take two slices.

3. Presents

Need I say more?

4. Excuse to dismiss yourself from regular adult responsibilities

I'm sorry I can't be in class today because I'm celebrating how awesome I am.

5. No one can protest your special day

It's not affiliated with any political party, controversial history, or opinions. It's just a day for you (and others when it's their turn).

6. Free stuff and extra savings

I walked into a store today and just because it was my birthday, they gave me 20% off my entire purchase. I also received other emails about other discounts. Likewise when you're dining out for said special occasion

7. The random happy birthdays

When I say this, I am referring to the multiple Facebook posts from some people you haven't (or have never) talked to in awhile. It's a really nice feeling knowing others are thinking about you and taking 2 minutes out of their day to wish you well.

8. You're a whole year older, wiser, and less likely to be carded.

Getting old sucks, but feeling like a mature (ish) young adult is great. It's almost like you're getting your shit together - at least for a little while.

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