10 Awesome Reasons Become A Creator For Odyssey Online

10 Awesome Reasons Become A Creator For Odyssey Online

Odyssey is one of the best writing outlets for young writers who are looking to explore new horizons.

Angeles Isabel Cuevas Cervantes

Although Odyssey is not, in any way, perfect, it is a great experience and the resources it offers are extraordinary. If you are on the fence of joining Odyssey, I hope this article guides you in your responsibilities as a creator but also shows you how much of a great experience it is.

1. Creative freedom


Usually, when you are a part of a writers group, there is a specific guideline to what you can write about and what you cannot. On Odyssey, you can write anything from a list of shows you would recommend to an article talking about the struggles of public school education.

2. Explore your community


Sometimes you won't know what to do your articles on. Either you have run out of ideas or you have writer's block. Whenever this happens to me, I explore upcoming events in my neighborhood and either do an article explaining why you should go or after the event, explaining what I learned. You can also meet local artists and do articles about them.

3. Writing outlet


It can be extremely difficult for some people to find time to write in a journal or brainstorm ideas for their next short story. However, considering Odyssey has deadlines, you have to make time to explore something to write about. This can be extremely helpful in allowing you to put your week on paper. It will also allow you to speak out about the issues that plague your community. This outlet could help you reach the world.

4. No meeting requirements


Odyssey is not like any usual clubs on campus. You are not required to meet weekly or have to put time aside to get together with your editor in chief to go over the weekly article. Odyssey is purely online and it makes it super easy to simply put some time aside, simply to write and edit your article.

5. Enhance your photography skills


If you decide to explore your community, you will probably want to get some pictures to place as your cover photo. Over time, you will become more picky with which picture you choose to display.

6. A way to make new friends


Odyssey has many creators, you are bound to meet one on campus someday. Whether it be at the optional hangouts or at the bus stop, maybe even in class. Regardless, Odyssey does help you navigate college life a little easier.

7. Share your message with the world


Your articles are your way of telling the world what's important to you. Of course, some days I like the freedom of doing fun and short articles but at other times, I get to tell the world what I think of it. I get to speak out on the English only movement or write letters for my mom and how much I love her.

8. Publish your articles online


Generally, in writing clubs, your publications stay pretty local. Whether it be the school paper or restricted to those in the club, but Odyssey allows you to publish your articles online. It allows you to share your opinion with the rest of the world. The world may not always agree with you, but it does sure feel nice getting that opportunity.

9. Variety in creators' tasks


Odyssey creators DO NOT just have to be writers, there is also a need for photographers or other tasks. Creators freedom is not just granted to writers, which is honestly amazing.

10. Your Editor In Chief (EIC) and president


These people are your leaders, they help you come up with ideas for articles or resolve problems. Honestly, without them, your Odyssey community wouldn't be as successful. They send you weekly emails checking in on you and they are also college students, just like you.

My EIC and president are amazing. They are always connected with us, plan monthly hangouts, help us with anything, and my personal favorite: Bingo.

I love having them as guides to my writing and if yours are as great as mine, then joining will be even better.

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