The Reason Why I Write

I was never really much of a writer when I was younger. I had always excelled in school, and did well on my assignments that required me to write, but never did much outside of the academic realm. When I went to college it changed from there on out. Instead of just writing for the sole purpose of my academic career, I started writing outside of it. I would make notes, and even lists, to keep myself on track. I found it to be a stress reliever, and it made it easier for me to keep my ideas and thoughts in one spot. Writing turned from something that I dreaded doing, into a hobby, and something I do every week.

I started writing outside of school work because I wanted to have something keep me busy. It helped me spend time on something, and it also helped me feel like I was learning about myself as a person. The more I got into it, it eventually turned into more of a passion. I grew from hating the thing I was good at to loving it, and learning to make my work better.

I write for The Odyssey (obviously) and I have been for almost half a year now. I write an article each week, and sometimes I write things that might get a few thousand page views, or just five. Sometimes everyone can relate to my work, and sometimes only a few people can relate. I write about things that interest me, as well as things that I feel I can contribute my opinion to. These things can cause some to agree and others to disagree. Regardless of all these things, I now always enjoy writing.

Along with writing for The Odyssey, I keep a notebook with me and jot down ideas, admirations, quotes, lists, and little stories. I love having something to pour all my thoughts into. I can always go back and add more into it or cross it off. It makes things feel more tangible and more organized when I can see what I feel on paper.

Writing makes me feel better. It helps my soul relax. It helps me express my feelings and thoughts without having to share them out-loud with a friend. I can express myself without being judged or instigated. I do not have to be right in someone else's eyes because they are my own opinions. There is no fear when I write and I feel free from any rules. I write for me, myself and I. That is the most important part.

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