What It's Really Like Losing A Parent

What It's Really Like Losing A Parent

Losing a parent is something that cannot be summed up into just one word.

Summing it up into one word I would say that it is hard. But, losing a parent is something that cannot be summed up into just one word.

Losing a parent is like feeling like there is a piece of you missing. Going through the loss is one of the worst things to ever go through in the world, but dealing with it every day after is just as hard. Losing a parent makes you feel like it will never get easier, like you will always feel the way you did when you first lost them. Losing a parent just sucks. Sometimes when you lose someone you cannot even figure out the words to say and that's how it is when you lose a parent.

When you lose a parent, it stings a little when someone says, "so when will I meet your parents?" or anything about parents together. The sting doesn't get any better with time. Losing a parent is scary. Losing a parent is something I don't want other people to go through because I know how it feels. Losing a parent is like losing a piece of you, a piece you love dearly, but can no longer have physically.

Losing a parent is like shredding your whole world apart. Losing a parent is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy because it is as bad as it seems, it is worse. Losing a parent is hard, losing a parent sucks, and sometimes nobody really understands what you are going through. When you lose a parent you lose someone that you love, someone you trust and rely on, someone who loved you unconditionally, someone who would do anything for you no matter what. When you lose a parent you lose one of your best friends and a little piece of yourself to go along with them.

When it comes to losing a parent there is no wrong way to explain the way you feel. Even after time, there is still no wrong way to explain it. Everyone handles loss differently and that is OK.

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Loving Someone With Mental Illness Is Different

Don't push them to talk before they are ready.


Loving someone with mental health illnesses is not easy. In fact it is the hardest thing that you will ever do. The person in the relationship that has mental health illnesses may not always be able to express what's wrong when they are having a bad mental health day.

The best thing for you to do when your partner is having a bad mental health day isn't to continually ask them what's wrong or what you can do to help. The absolute best thing that you can do for your partner is to just wait until they can talk to you.

Continually asking them what's wrong or what you can do when they can't yet tell you what's wrong is just going to make your partner more frustrated in the fact that they can't tell you what's wrong. Sit with them and be there for them and let them talk when they're ready and able to talk to you.

Some people with mental illnesses already think that they are hard to love or that they are never going to find real love. If they feel like this it's most likely because any past partners they have had haven't understood the mental illness or illnesses that they have. It takes time to really understand a mental illness and understand how it affects your partner. Don't give up on your partner before you understand the mental illness that they have and how it affects them.

Even if you have had a partner that has had a mental illness doesn't mean that the same mental illness is going to affect a future partner the same way that it affected your past partner.

Let them know that you will be around for them. If you don't understand their mental illness be up front and honest with them and tell your partner that you don't understand so that maybe they can help you to understand. Don't push them to talk before they are ready and once they are ready they will talk to you.

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