As times are changing, so are neighborhoods. Living in a neighborhood that used to be clean and peaceful and over time changed into a dirty and dangerous neighborhood can be scary. I learned this growing up blocks from Frankford Terminal, in an area of Philadelphia called Northwood.

Living in a neighborhood that's often shady and dangerous is quite scary. There have been many times I would go out for a walk with my dog, walk home from the bus stop, or even walk to the store and come inside close to tears. Being a teenage girl and walking around your own block and having 20-, 30-, and even 40-year-old men staring at you is terrifying. When it's hot out and you decide to wear shorts, it's even worse. Older men in cars will stop next to you and offer you a ride. Men across the street will scream provocative things that a respectable man would NEVER say to a young lady. There were even times I have been followed for blocks by a man. It's scary and absolutely disgusting that some of these men in neighborhoods like this think that shouting or following a young lady is a way to “pick up chicks.” It is not flattering and it does not make me feel pretty or nice. It's overall disgusting and extremely offensive.

Aside from the disgusting behavior I encounter walking outside, there are other factors that is part of the reality of living in an unsafe neighborhood. The violence seen on TV is often getting closer to home. The occasional waking up to the sound of a gunshot is real. House break-ins, car break-ins, graffiti and constant fights are all an unfortunate reality of living in neighborhoods like mine. It's such a shame that these once beautiful and safe areas are turning into scary places to live. How are people suppose to raise children in these areas when it's dangerous to go outside? When is there going to be a change? The sad truth is that there may never be a change.