We need to talk about Lady Gaga's halftime show because SHE DID THAT and had us all shook.

First, she blew us all away by jumping off of the top of the stadium, while singing "America the Beautiful." She ended the song on a very powerful note by screaming "with liberty and justice, for ALL."

Secondly, Gaga had hundreds of Intel-powered drones light up the sky above the stadium to create beautiful display of lights. There's been a lot of speculation among the fans as to whether or not this was the type of light show Gaga was supposed to have at last year's Intel Grammy performance.

Gaga also brought back all of her old backup dancers, singers, and band members. The whole show was very nostalgic of Gaga's Monsterball world tour, even down to the boots. She had her iconic "tour" boots on as well, redone in purple sparkles.

Speaking of nostalgic vibes, Gaga ever brought back her keyboard guitar and her iconic big spiky-shouldered jacket from the Monsterball.

Gaga also lit up the stadium with her fiery performance of "Bad Romance." It was the only song she performed in its entirety, which is fitting as "Bad Romance" is her most iconic song. "Bad Romance" broke records and still continues to break them. It was also extremely fitting that she had fire for this song, since her music video had a shot of her standing in a ring of fire.

Gaga ended her stellar performance with a mic drop, a catch, and a jump. The gif above is currently being passed around Twitter like crazy! Many people are making jabs at Tom Brady saying that Gaga can catch better. I legitimately don't care about football, but the evidence speaks for itself.

The best part of the show, however, was how integrated Gaga's fans were to the show. They provided a very cool flow of choreography and lights. It reminded the world how committed and devoted to her fanbase Gaga is. She loves us as much as we love her.

From start to end, Gaga's performance was one of the most spectacular shows during halftime. She blew everyone away and reminded the world that she hasn't gone anywhere and has no plans to go anywhere. Can't wait for the Joanne world tour, Gaga!

(P.S. You can watch the halftime show again here!)