The internet has exploded into this entire other world over the years. It has given people new opportunities and connected them in ways that were never thought possible. Social media, chat rooms, blogs, and more. There are endless ways that we all can interact and have our lives intertwined.

I know they say you shouldn't talk to strangers on the internet, but it's how I met some of my best friends.

Tumblr introduced me to people who had a similar interest to me through what we posted or reblogged. Just simple messages to one another about topics we both liked and from there the messages continued. The friendship began to grow the longer we talked and the more we got to know one another. It then turned into friends on Facebook and other social media, continuing to stay in contact with one another.

Another platform is Wattpad. I began writing stories on there and had people reach out to me or comment on my works. They were all so kind and we connected quite quickly and so well. It began to do the same thing. We added one another on different social media, some I even exchanged phone numbers with.

Between messages and video chats, these people slowly became a huge part of my life.

The distance between us or the time zones didn't stop us from becoming so close. These are people I trust and love and care about. The friends I have made are some of the best people I know. They're people who I will always be there for in any way that I can.

Even when we take breaks and go a short time without talking to one another, I still keep my eye on them.

I watch their status' and like their posts. I'm happy for them, proud of them, and think about them a lot. I would love to someday travel to that I can meet more of them in person.

One of my closest friends I met online. She is a big part of my life and we have flown to see each other a few times. We've even talked about her moving to Maine to live with me. I talk to almost all the time and whenever I have a problem I know that she is right there and willing to listen.

I don't know where I would be without these people.

So I want to say thank you. Thank you for coming into my life and being my friend. Just because I only know you through a screen doesn't mean that you're not real to me. You're some of the greatest people I know and I am incredibly thankful to have met you and to be your friend.