Real Madrid is the sprawling construction site of Zidane
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Real Madrid is the sprawling construction site of Zidane

After the disaster last season, Real Madrid returned to the Champions League playground with a difficult trip to PSG.A match where Zinedine Zidane has so much worry.

Real Madrid is the sprawling construction site of Zidane
Real Madrid is the sprawling construction site of Zidane

With Zidane now, Real Madrid is no different from the sprawling construction site that he has not found a way to complete. Look everywhere to see the problem. On March 11, 2019, after a long phone call with Florentino Perez, Zidane officially returned to lead Real Madrid, becoming the third coach to work at the Valdebebas center in the 2018-19 season.

President Perez believes in Zidane, who has won three Champions League titles in a row, after making a mistake with Julen Lopetegui and Santiago Solari.Perez expects Zidane to quickly bring Real back to stability.Seven months have passed, stability is a luxury for Real Madrid.At the end of last season, Zidane did not do better than his two predecessors.Real Madrid easily lost to any opponent.The revolution was mapped out, with 303 million euros for transfers.

Zidane put his whole mind into the Canada-US training journey this summer to find the winning formula.As a result, there is no formula.Real Madrid enters the new season 2019-20 with dozens of issues.Thibaut Courtois doesn't know how to keep a clean sheet.Real Madrid's defense has no cohesion, always making personal mistakes.

The midfield only knows Casemiro.So far, Casemiro is the most stable and outstanding Real player, but he alone does not carry all the work in the middle of the pitch, as well as shielding the defense.4 official matches, 6 goals lost, Real Madrid looked everywhere to see trouble.

While he has yet to find a formula to help stabilize the defense, and maintain collective balance, Zidane also has to solve the problem of rookie Eden Hazard.In the process of preparing last summer, Hazard was not very prominent.A star of Chelsea and the Premier League, Hazard cannot immediately integrate with Real Madrid.Not only that, the injury just before the start of the new season affects his inclusion.

Real Madrid is still a sprawling construction site of ZidaneReal Madrid v Real Valladolid - La Liga SantanderReal Madrid is still a sprawling construction site of Zidane

Real Madrid is still a sprawling construction site of Zidane (Image W88)

After spending 100 million euros (with information up to 120 million euros), Real Madrid considered Hazard as a key factor to implement the revolution.The new season has played 4 matches, but now it is time for Zidane to find a way to integrate Hazard with his teammates.30 minutes ago Levante was too little to find a connection between Hazard and the surrounding positions.

Looking forward to the old While looking for a solution to integrate Hazard, as well as creating a balance for the tactical system, Zidane used 3 different diagrams after 4 official matches.Only the 4-1-4-1 diagram is repeated.The other 2 matches are 4-3-3 and 4-4-2.In formula 4-1-4-1, Casemiro played the lowest, and the whole ball was directed to the position of Benzema.Most likely, Zizou continues to use this recipe as a guest at the Prince's Park.

In it, Zidane is forced to believe in the old ones.They are Karim Benzema, James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale.Benzema is booming, with 4 goals and is playing very hard.

The fighting spirit of the French striker deserves some review by his other teammates.Interestingly, the other two, James Rodriguez and Bale, were not trusted by Zidane.Zizou has found a way to push these two players away from the Bernabeu.James Rodriguez is playing very well.Assists to Benzema scored against Levante really delicate, full of feeling and class.

The Marca newspaper called "James Rodriguez the new contract of the Galacticos revolution".Bale, although not always good game, is also an important factor of Real Madrid in the past matches.Since arriving in Madrid, Bale is not a stable player.In terms of natural performance, or injury, Bale is easy to lose himself.But at this point, the Welsh star is a fulcrum for Zidane, when the construction in his hand is like a mess of materials.

The main reliance on James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale at this time also poses potential risks for Real Madrid in the near future.When Hazard merges, Bale's role will be removed.Similarly, if Modric and Isco fully recovered, there was no room for James Rodriguez.It means that "Zizou Team 2.0" construction site is still sprawling for a long time.


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