Things That Should Actually Be Considered Relationship Goals

Look up “relationship goals” on any social media site. What comes up are photos and posts about couples spoiling each other with expensive gifts, tons of food or even doing basic things like working out together. In this generation, these are the standards for a great relationship, which don't make much sense and aren’t really important to a relationship. Actual goals that couples should strive for have nothing to do with how much money is spent on each other or how much food they eat together, they should be something like the ones listed below.

1. Praying together.

There is a reason that this is No. 1 on the list. None of the rest of the goals can be accomplished if this doesn't come first. A strong couple is only strong because of their relationship with God. And any man/ woman that is “goal” worthy should lead you toward God through their own actions, and praying is one of them.

2. Motivating each other.

Strive to be with someone who motivates you to do your absolute best. People who would rather you fail a class than not hang out with them are people that should be avoided. Work hard now so that you can have the petty relationship goals later on.

3. Not centering your relationship around social media.

This means avoiding dates that are just for Instagram or that turn into two people sitting at the same table but completely absorbed with their phones.

4. Being independent.

It seems like everyone can't wait to graduate college and move in with their significant other. But it is so important to be able to know that you can make it on your own and not rely on anyone else for your livelihood. A good boyfriend/ girlfriend should be your biggest cheerleader during this time.

5. Knowing each other better than you know yourself.

Knowing exactly what junk food they want at 3:00 a.m. or the thing that annoys them the most is a goal. This goal also goes great with my next point…

6. Being each other's best friend.

The best couples are those that can be 100 percent themselves and have the best time together. Being with your best friend makes everything you do, even boring stuff like grocery shopping, more fun. It’s great to have someone you can have more fun eating McDonald's with at 2:00 a.m. than being at a party.

7. Getting along with their family.

You know you’ve made it when you are in the loop on all the family drama. But really, getting along with their family is a major goal to strive for. Plus, if your relationship lasts, their family will turn into your family. So it'd be better to get along with them sooner rather than later.

8. Being able to laugh with (or at) each other.

If you can find someone who makes you laugh, the number of crappy days you have will decrease greatly. This kind of goes with the best friend thing, they’ll be the one person you can count on to get your stupid jokes or laugh at your weird faces without too much judgment.

9. Traveling everywhere together.

Be successful enough that you can do awesome stuff like traveling the world together. Experience everything together so you can have cool stories to tell your grandkids.

10. Not comparing your relationship to anyone else’s.

So this kind of cancels out the other nine I have listed...but being confident in your relationship is a good goal to have especially when relationships are so in your face nowadays. You do you and don't care what anyone else thinks.

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