As the spring semester comes to a close, I see more and more students on the nerve of a mental breakdown. I feel the stress too, with my three essays due this week and finals less than a month away.

However, one thing that always makes me feel better is reality television. Andy Cohen got it right when he decided to group up a gaggle of catty women from multiple cities to provide countless hours of useless drama to fill the void in our lives. Here, I present twelve inevitable problems every college student comes across as the year comes to an end, explained by the iconic Real Housewives.

1. When all of your roommates go out on the weekend, but you have to stay in and study.

2. When all of your professors assign their tests in the same week.

3. Once you finally decide to attend a lecture, and you have no idea what the professor's talking about.

4. What you really want to say to your always-bubbly RA when she asks you how your semester's going.

5. When you have to step up and be the mom friend, because all of your other friends are freaking out about finals.

6. When you finally make it to the library to work on your six essays, two projects, and study for exams.

7. Also you in the library, three seconds after opening your laptop.

8. Your last two brain cells when you think you can cram for all of your finals in one night.

9. When your professor says to give him a good rating in the end-of-year surveys, acting like he hasn't spent the whole semester completely ruining your life.

10. Walking into the exam room, knowing damn well you're about to fill in C for every answer then walk out in three seconds.

11. Opening up your grade report a week later and realizing you didn't actually fail.

12. Leaving the stress of the semester behind and looking forward to summer!