Here are the Five books or authors you should read in order to become the ultimate literary snob. English and Lit majors get your nose out of your books for a moment and focus on your screens.

1. Read Any Of The Romantics - Modernists Poetry

(T.S. Eliot is a personal favorite of mine.)

In order to take a giant leap into ultimate snobbery, you first must take the leap into poetry. You honestly don't need to like poetry but just read it in order to say that you have read it or have some sort of opinion. For me, I actually enjoy poetry and have been working on indulging in the early wordsmiths such as Bryon, Dickinson, my dear Eliot, and many more. Be sure to have a poem handy that is less than mainstream. For me the poet is Ashley Teasdale. Don't know her, well look her up and then whip it out for your friends in order to sound quite intelligent about poetry.

2. Pride And Prejudice

She is my Lizzy


If you haven't read Austen then how in the heck are you going to be a literature anything really? I mean Pride and Prejudice is a staple in mandated reading. I myself first read it in fifth grade and it surprisingly wasn't required. I loved it. Later, I got to read it in high school along with annotating and writing excessive well-detailed essays over the matter of Austen and her little civil ironies. This book, in particular, is a schooling in the arts of snobbery, prejudice, and life's ironies. In order to become an ultimate snob, one must become a bit more like Mr. Darcy mixed with Elizabeth Bennet.

3. Farenheit 451

A Pleasure To Burn

Taylor Sipos Photography

Fahrenheit is one of the greatest books ever written. The greatest for sure by Ray Bradbury. This book shows how meaningful the written word can be to some people including myself. This book may not be one to snob over but sure enough, it is a reading staple that can be sure to leave people fawning over your knowledge.

4. The Bell Jar

I am. I am. I am.


Sylvia Plath is a genius in writing a book about so many feminist topics under the umbrella of singular streamlined events. The words are poetic in nature and poetry can lead to snobbery as previously expressed.

5. Read More Than Two Of The Sherlock Holmes Stories

I mean that's rather snobby

Who better to school you in the art of snobbery that Sir Arthur Con Doyle or Sherlock Holmes in other words. I mean Sherlock screams quite a bit of snobbery. Think about the pipe and constant sarcasm. In order to be the ultimate snob, you need to read quite a bit of Sherlock which page wise translates to a book or two.

Any favorite's I missed sound off in comments. Let me know what you think is a snobby read?