A New Year's Resolution: Read More

In my college career thus far, I have come across only a few individuals who read for enjoyment; no assigned class readings included. Believe it or not, there are still people who like to sit back, relax, and spend an afternoon dedicated to a good book. And I know with a college student's busy schedule it can be difficult to juggle academics, extracurricular, and a job. How could one possibly allow themselves the time for relaxation?

And then there are those who think of reading as a bore. Which I understand due to experiences in school that forced them to read a book that lacked an interesting topic or because of other extenuating circumstances, you never know. But despite that, I encourage people to experience the joy of reading a good book. Whether you spent an entire year reading a favorite or spend the year reading 50 favorites, I want you to try.

Books are an amazing outlet to gain knowledge about whatever subject you can think of! How cool is that? If you can think of something, it's probably already published and it's up to you to you to go search for it. Sure, we learn many important things in a university lecture hall, but the real knowledge comes from beyond the classroom. Knowledge is found in your local library, bookshop, and even on your phone.

And whether you enjoy reading physical books, electronic books, or audible books; there are so many options available for you to choose from! I know that getting through a book may take some time because of a busy schedule, but I challenge everyone to get through at least one book this year. And if you accept this challenge why not make it fun? Join a book club or create your own book club with friends and discuss a book you all enjoy. Exchanging knowledge with one another is such an extraordinary thing. And this is the beauty of reading, it can be done as a peaceful solitary activity or by being surrounded by good friends.

If you are stuck about what books to read, ask around for recommendations or look up some of the most popular books that are currently on the shelf. Walking into a bookstore or a library surrounded by an array of books up to the thousands can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Start with a topic that you find interesting and go from there. Narrow down your choices and the process will seem a lot less scary. My favorite thing to do is go to second-hand bookstores with my friends during our free time and picking out a good book. I use books as a reward system for me for if I ever get a good grade on an exam, I'll search for a book I like or If I finish assignments ahead of time, I'll take some time to read.

Reading is an amazing thing and I guarantee that even if you don't particularly enjoy reading, you are bound to find a book you enjoy and not be disappointed by taking the time to read it. One book is all it takes to get the cycle of knowledge started.

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