Read This If You Have A Halloween Sweet Tooth
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Read This If You Have A Halloween Sweet Tooth

Who cares if you get a stomach ache and cavities? It's Halloween!

Read This If You Have A Halloween Sweet Tooth

Halloween is just around the corner. Children have already gotten their scary, funny, cute, and sporty costumes. Teachers are decorating their classrooms, getting ready for the big classroom party. But, what’s the best part about Halloween? Of course it’s the dressing up into anything you want and not being judged on what you are wearing. And the parties at your school, or your family and friends houses are pretty great too. Not to mention making people laugh at your jokes when you walk to each house. But the CANDY is always something kids, teenagers ,and adults are looking forward to. I know I am always up for the candy. The sugar high, the different tastes in your mouth. After the trick or treating, everyone goes home, pours all their candy out to see what they got, trading the pieces they don’t like to get the ones they do like. Eating as many pieces as you can have until you get the belly ache that your parents always warned you about. There are many types of candy on halloween but what are the best ones that you get in your bag?


Oh that wonderful chocolate crunch it make as you take that little bite. Being able to split it up and making the decision on which one you will eat first or even just giving the other half to a friend. But usually just taking the whole thing and stuffing it in your mouth. Or you could try the incredibly insane way Kourtney Kardashian eats her Kit-Kats, if you're into that.


2. Laffy Taffy

Better be careful, if you have braces it will be a no-no on your list of candies to eat, but hey who listens to those rules. It’s halloween, go for it. You just might have to go back to the dentist and get your teeth fixed again. But oh well!

3. Smarties

The best part about having smarties was that I could stuff them all in my mouth and have them melt on my tongue. But, it never actually ended like that because I just chewed them-- I wasn’t very patient.

But if you have more self-control than I do, then these delicious little candies are a classic sweet treat.

4. Bubble Gum

My friends and I would always trade our gum. We all got the normal bubble gum but also got the different flavor gum, and we all wanted to see what they tasted like. Unfortunately, the flavor always went away after five minutes of them being in our mouth. I also did the bubble gum challenge on who has the biggest bubble. I didn’t know how to blow a bubble until I was in middle school. Be careful that you don't blow your bubble too big or it will pop and go all over your face and if you're really unlucky maybe even in your hair!! EW!!

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5. Twix

The chocolate taste and once you have a bite of the little bar, caramel would stretch out. You worried that the caramel would fall to the ground but you grab it with your fingers and lick every part of the caramel off. The chocolate, cookie, and caramel compliment each other so well that you can't say no to a Twix bar!

6. Starburst

It is always a mystery with Starburst, never sure what two flavors you will get. Closing your eyes as tight as you can, begging to have it be your favorite flavor. If you get both of your favorite colors then that moment is the best moment of your life. But if you don’t get your favorite, oh well. Then there is that unfortunate moment when you get two yellow starburst and wonder what you did to deserve such bad luck. You can trade with your friends or just eat it because no mater what, candy is the best.

7. Reese’s

I will say, I am so happy to not be allergic to peanut butter, I can eat as many reese’s as I want. The best part about eating one is that I can have the chocolate melt until I can taste only peanut butter. I feel bad for people who can’t have peanut butter, because it is magic, but they could die so it’s good they don’t eat it. If you really want to savor a Reese's Cup, eat all of the chocolate around the edge, and then the chocolate on the top and bottom of the Reese's, and then eat the peanut butter. It's a game changer.

8. Anything Sour

My favorite candy that I will never get sick of is sour candy. Literally anything. People tell me I’m crazy because they can’t stand the pain of their jaws. But for me, I LOVE the taste. I will eat it until my teeth hurt. Sour patch kids, sour straws, sour gum, and sour suckers all fall at the top of my list.

9. Hershey's


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10. Candy Corn

The halloween tradition. If you see candy corn, then you know it is October and everyone gets lots of them in their bag. I love eating the candy corn color by color. There are two types of people in this world, people who love candy corn and people who do not. They will have to just agree to disagree.

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There are thousands of different types of candy that you will get on Halloween. Some that you love and were dying to get, and some that you didn’t even want. Halloween is the best part of the year. Dressing up and, of course, the delicious CANDY!!!

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