7 Reactions You Get When You're Back Home From College

7 Reactions You Get From Your Hometown Friends And Family Once You're Back From College

Everyone reacts differently, but that doesn't mean that they don't care.

Meredith Perniciaro

It's finally summer which means that most of us college folk head back home for the summer. Arriving home after being away for a few weeks/months makes you miss home but that feeling might change fairly quickly once you get settled in back home.

1. Your Mom


Most moms act like they haven't seen you since she gave birth to you, when in reality its only been like 2 weeks.

2. Your Dad


I bet while you were away furthering your education, your dad had the time to come up with a bunch of jokes about how much money it's costing him. "I think I might buy you a new car....HA just kidding! College is costing me enough" ~ Dad

3. Your sibling


If they are younger then they probably aren't too happy that you're back and they are no longer the only child.

4. Your hometown best-friend


If you and your best-friend don't go to school near each other then you can relate. You're not sure how you've lasted this long without them but you somehow managed.

5. Your Dog


Let's be honest, your dog is probably the most excited to see you. They knew FOR SURE that you were never coming back.

6. Your Cat


Again, let's be honest here, your cat is probably the least excited to see you. Actually tbh they probably didn't even realize that you were gone.

7. Your Boss


I bet when your boss found out you were in town for a few months that they knew you would call them up for a few shifts and they can't wait to have an extra minion around for a little while.

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