Is This An Awards Show Or The State Of The Union?
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Is This An Awards Show Or The State Of The Union?

A reaction to the State of the Union Address. (I understand that my opinions might seem incorrigible or outright ignored, and that's okay)

Is This An Awards Show Or The State Of The Union?
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To me this just felt like an awards show. The amount of applause was nauseating and I don't think it was necessary. I'm super happy that he took the time to specifically mention special Americans that went above and beyond, but then he immediately followed that up with all the stuff he's done and single-handedly responsible for etc.

I noticed him mention the biggest tax breaks in history, but yeah when you give big business a 15 percent cut, we're talking millions and millions of dollars. You aren't gonna get that kind of money cutting taxes for the poor. But middle class, they got their tax cuts. Families who make $75,000 a year got a 4 times tax cut. I don't know any families who make that much. A married couple who make $24,000 a year a tax free, but not singles. Who can even live on $24,000 a year?

I definitely believe the quote about the stock market, because if there's anything he's gonna focus on, its gonna be Wall Street. So the boom in the stock market is totally believable. I didn't like how he took responsibility for the lowest unemployment rates, because they're that low thanks to Obama, and he has just continued the trend. I don't like how he acts like he does everything, and fails to acknowledge the good things those who came before him did.

Had to have the jab towards not standing for the national anthem or Pledge of Allegiance. People have a right to silent, peaceful protest. People also sit at home on the couch watching the national anthem and don't do anything.

We will build new roads and things with American heart and grit, but don't forget that's also American tax money. Country can't run if you don't pay your taxes. Honestly, the whole speech was a lot of "Let's do this!" but not how it's going to get done, and what it's gonna cost.

I get that we don't want 'illegal' immigrants. But unless I heard incorrectly, he wants to strengthen the policies that allow immigrants into our country to something "that benefits and considers the American people and its workers." I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds a lot like we won't allow people in unless it's sure to not affect American workers. I think something like that is subjective, at best.

I'm writing this as it goes on, and I totally appreciate the shot at Bernie Sanders. This was the type of behavior I was worried about. America is about a melting pot. Almost none of us started here. Most of us aren't Native Americans. Most of us came from families immigrating over, to a land where better opportunities lie. And people still want to live that dream, and we want to shut the door in their face because we're scared. It sounds like we only want other people here if they are useful. But how useful are all of us Americans? Can every single one of us be useful to society? I do appreciate the boos, at least there are people who care about people who want to just better their lives.

Watching the reactions of the crowd, there were plenty of people that disagreed with Trump on a lot of things. Obviously there will be different opinions and ideals, but we are supposed to work together, and not just force one party's ideals on the other.

I really do appreciate the call-outs to other Americans stepping up and doing wonderful things, but these are people stepping up because these people have no one else to turn to. We as Americans have to take matters into our own hands, because there are no options. Help and aid is slow, and only if our country deems it important enough. From large scale to small scale, we speak big, we want to help everyone, but the acts we make, the steps we choose, nothing gets done and these people continue to struggle. There were a lot of things we 'need to do' but not a lot of answers to how.

Nukes! No! I honestly didn't expect that to come up. Obama was dedicated to eliminating nuclear weapons, but Trump wants to build more! I honestly can't even speak enough words to convey how very bad of an idea that is. Violence and strength-boosting breeds more violence and strength-boosting.

We were doing so well without publicly damning North Korea. That is a scary, scary move. Nothing like getting a country to work with you than denouncing it and in the same speech saying you're going to build more nukes. That will definitely get them to stop building nukes.

With the North Korean immigrant, I don't understand why him escaping from bad places to come to America is OK, but these other immigrants who are doing the same thing are not okay. How did we find out his story? We should use that exact same method to learn every immigrant's story, and then we will solve our issue of not letting the right people in without knowing the right things about them.

Overall this was really hard to watch. Even his own crowd had plenty of visible reactions and vocal disagreements. I feel there were a lot of empty promises and a lack of explanation. He managed to try and antagonize everyone, and covered that by pandering to Americans who have to take things into their own hands to get results. I guess we'll see where the rest of this goes.

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