Covid Is Changing The Voters Demographic
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Covid Is Changing The Voters Demographic

here are facts that the pundits on the Republicans are not telling their base.

Covid Is Changing The Voters Demographic

When the pandemic started and the country was scrambling to find its way through all the misinformation and contradictions from the White House and CDC to the much-maligned news and social media; we knew that this was going to be a game-changer. So how is it changing the game? At first, it was hard to see the result, and for the most part, not even the Democrats saw this phenomenon occurring.

There are facts that the pundits on the Republicans are not telling their base. Mr. Carlson and his ilk at FOX News, have never mentioned to their base that the pandemic and their basic lack of responsibility to human nature is preventing them from being healthy. So as the media itself is completely vaccinated the people that watch these icons are tell their viewers that being vaccinated is like a crime on the rule of law are not dying. The numbers are a scam the Democrats created to keep people from living, breathing, and drinking their Budweiser in front of their TVs.The current statistics show the republicans are dying at a rate of 3 to 1. Now if we look at the margin of the last presidential election, this rate is surely going to make the 2022 election pretty safe or maybe sway the off-year voters from the domineering republican turnout to more of an independent or democratic turnout. Yet why am I convinced?

First and foremost is the democrats have a way of stepping on themselves without reason Apologizing for issues or daily mishaps like they are the good sister in the family and nobody expected them to go out and get drunk with a bunch of frat boys. I wish the democrats would let their hair down, go out and shake things up. Make like you just won the lottery and time is essential to keeping the money. Go for the jugular and cut a bitch if she snatches that dress you were eyeing at the local discount store. Don’t spend your wheels comparing your political agenda with the has been president, but call out the crazy right-wing congressional candidates for all their hair-brained conspiracy theories. Why don’t debunk their rhetoric front and center? Have a town hall with them or at least debate the nut jobs and get the facts out there for all to see and hear.

Of course, most people say its a waste of time. People have made up their minds and they won't change. I disagree, many asked for the vaccine in their last dying breath, so if it comes to taking the oxygen out of the air, the truth usually has that kind of affect if told with dignity and honesty. Because you see, the former president has been moving through the far-right pundits preaching the importance and his accomplishments of the vaccine. Mainly because there has been a study that shows more registered Republicans have died and are dying from Covid over the Democrats. He can't keep his "Big Lie" in circulation if the people that believe him are not around to cheer it on. So it seems the Democratic party is playing the waiting game and they might just win. But then there is the black caucus that has sworn to stay home and leave the party in jeopardy if the voting rights acts sitting in Congress are not passed and made into laws before the mid-term elections. This seems like a game of chess that cannot be won by either side of this party. Plus we are looking at Putin playing a game of chicken with our president. Can this be the only way he can interfere with our elections this time around? Has the powers that be found his access and have cut it short to leave him to start a war and kill innocent people so he can show his power to the democratic world?

I don’t know the answers to many of these questions, and many of them keep me from getting to sleep at night. Can the pandemic be a deciding factor again in our election? Will Mr. Putin risk the lives of his soldiers to show his strength and keep the politics to be polarized by a dictator? While the state and local governments try their best to make voting an obstacle course of rules and regulations, I want to find my way through this. Help to keep the voting a mainstream of being an adult, and assist the people who are misinformed and confused from opting out and staying home. I don’t care what party anyone belongs to as long as they go out and vote and have their voice heard in the democratic process our forefathers created.

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