It's that time of the semester. FINALS WEEK. Probably the toughest part of the semester because 1. the tests are cumulative, 2. your grades probably depend on them and 3. you are so close to being able to go home, you are SO done.

So here's to finals week and ten other things I'd rather be doing than studying for them.

1. Scrape gum off movie theater floors.

It can actually be quite therapeutic once you get going. . .that is if you don't think about what stranger's mouth it came out of.

2. Pulling hangnails.

You think you're doing okay, then BOOM. Here comes the blood. (searching for this one made me sick, tbh)

3. Fighting an alligator with a toothache.

I don't know if mama teaches this down in the swamp, but it sure sounds better than studying for Calc II.

4. Get a thousand paper cuts.

I want to cringe just thinking about it.

5. Be bitten by a squirrel.

There's a ton of them on campus, all you have do is grab one for it to take a quick nibble--IT HURTS (don't ask).

6. Do 10,000 situps.

Okay, maybe not that many, but I can manage a strong 5.

7. Streak across the field during a Dallas Cowboys game.

The stars and stripes ain't the only thing that are white.

8. Walk 10 miles barefoot in the snow.

My parents used to do it uphill, both ways into the wind just to get to school apparently.

9. Drink a gallon of rotten milk.

That's pretty rough, for this, you better get out of studying and taking the final both.

10. DIE

Just temporarily, like until summer.