'Rate My Professor' Is A Lifesaver For College Students

'Rate My Professor' Is A Lifesaver For Students Trying To Make A Decent Semester Schedule

It allows students to tailor their professor's teaching styles to one that perfectly fits their own, to ensure maximum efficiency and educational improvement.


Just like a coach can make or break an athletes passion for a sport, a professor can have a long-lasting and influential impact on the course of that student's career path and appreciation for a certain topic.

"Rate My Professor" has saved my life on numerous occasions and I'm sure millions of other college students can agree.

It's not a stretch to say that every student learns in their own specific way.

There are visual learners, auditory learners, and hands-on learners and the reviews on "Rate my Professor" allow students to share the teaching styles of specific professors and critique the positive and negative aspects of the class.

"Rate my professor" allows students to rate the course and/or professor on a 1-5 scale in the following categories: "overall quality" and "level of difficulty." The rater may also share if they would take the professor again if the class was taken for credit, if attendance is mandatory if the textbook is used, what grade they received in the course, and include comments of up to max 350 characters in length.

To reiterate, "Rate My Professor" is literally a world wide web version of angels on earth. On more occasions than I can count I have almost registered for classes where professors don't use power points or any visual aids for learning and honestly, that would be an absolutely detrimental experience for my GPA and I'm sure my fellow ADD classmates can agree. I could literally sit through a three-hour lecture of a professor speaking and not process a single word because I need to be engaged either verbally or visually in order to be able to interpret the smallest ounce of the lecture.

"Rate My Professor" allows students to tailor their professor's teaching styles to one that perfectly fits their own, to ensure maximum efficiency and educational improvement.

In addition, it talks about professors negative and positive behaviors. There are some professors who are notorious for not showing up to class and "Rate My Professor" exposes these actions and warns you to avoid them. It also talks about the positive qualities of some professors like their consistency and organization along with their engagement and passion for a class. Having a professor who is well versed on a topic and also exerts passion and excitement to the rest of the class can invoke a passion and drive in students who are interested in the same topic as well.

"Rate My Professor" offers backstage access to classroom activities and allows students who have already taken the class to pass down their wisdom to people who are curious about a course. The insight can offer tips and tricks on how to do well in the class and how to study for certain tests along with what to pay close attention to during lectures.

OK, also, nobody wants to buy a textbook for a class if they're never going to use them. "Rate My Professor" has saved college students hundreds of dollars because it tells you if you will really ever turn a page of that 400 page 100 dollar textbook. "Rate My Professor" keeps college students pockets happy because previous class takers can pass their experiences — both positive and negative to students who are looking for information on specific classes and professors.

While some professors feel hurt and attacked by the comments left, they need to understand that the website offers so much insight to students who are looking for a specific way to learn, and students who are looking for ways to do well and attend classes where they will do best in.

It also important to weed through a wide variety of comments to avoid bias, and get a full consensus of all the different opinions of students, to see where certain perspectives correlate.

Professors who read the reviews can also take the comments into consideration to improve when they receive numerous of the same negative comments from different students.

A good professor plays a direct role in some student's success so it is important to do research on a professor before you take their class if you have the option.

Professors play a role in educational passion the same way coaches play a role in athlete's lives and their passion for a sport.

This post is not a sponsored ad, I really just needed to express the gratitude I have for this beautiful website because I swear by it and it deserves all the appreciation it can get. It plays such an enormous role in the scheduling process of college students across the US, Canada, and the UK.

"Rate My Professor" gets five stars, no textbook needed — just some wifi and a couple free minutes to read through some commentary. It's so worth your time.

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