Eight Reasons Why I Love And Appreciate My RA's

1) So relatable

RAs are students just like their residents, they just have a little more life experience and little more training.

2) Always there for you

Once I got comfortable with my RAs, I started going to them for advice on practically everything. They were trained to handle a multitude of situations and most likely have had a similar personal experience.

3) Involved in their residents' lives

Every day I hear one of the RAs ask a resident, "How'd your exam go?" or "Did you figure out [ insert problem]?" The best RAs know what's going on in their residents' lives.

4) Know all the best places to eat

After a while, the cafeterias on campus start to get old. Ask any RA about a good place to eat off-campus and they've got you covered. I guess it just comes with the experience...

5) Make their jobs fun

I'm not sure if this goes for every residence hall, but my RAs have a Bop-It behind the front desk that they're known for playing when on a late shift. There's also a foam baseball bat somewhere back there...

6) Are like a group of older siblings

Just like most siblings, they do activities together, but also openly invite residents to things like movie nights and campus events. They bicker, they tease each other, they joke around, and they care about everyone in their "hall family."

7) Keep things real

If any resident is acting up, my RAs are not afraid to say something. They'll call you out. If you're being obnoxious or look ridiculous, they'll say something. They're never mean or harsh, but seem to know the right things to say to keep you in check.

8) Enhance the dorm experience

RAs are a part of any residence hall, but I really feel like mine making living in a dorm hall a memorable and wonderful experience.

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