Ranking The Disney Princesses From Worst To Best
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I Ranked The 14 Disney Princesses From Worst To Best, And It Was Harder Than I Expected

You have to admit, you've ordered them too!

I Ranked The 14 Disney Princesses From Worst To Best, And It Was Harder Than I Expected

I've spent nearly my whole life watching Disney movies. I distinctly remember watching "The Little Mermaid" on repeat when I was a young child. I'm always in the mood to watch Disney movies because they're the best and there are so many good ones. Of course, I'm excited that there are live-action and Disney sequels coming out, I live for new animated movies. And while people joke that the sequels are for adults who grew up with the OG Disney movies, they're not wrong.

So, I took the princesses and ranked them from my least favorite to my absolute favorite.

14. Sleeping Beauty


This movie isn't even about her, she has like three lines throughout the entire movie. I also think it's annoying how everything works out for her when she's been in hiding for years.

0/10 would not recommend.

13. Snow White


Another annoying princess. She just forces her way into a house and makes herself at home. Like, who does that? Also, this gif is really creepy, and I think that's fitting.

12. Belle


While I can appreciate a princess who likes to read, that's about all I like about Belle. She's just super whiny and annoying. Plus, everyone was OK with her falling in love with the beast? Um, OK.

11. Elsa


While everyone and their mom was praising Elsa from "Frozen," I wasn't. She caused all of Arendelle's problems. She also struck her sister with her ice powers twice! She definitely doesn't get the "sister of the year" or "queen of the year" award, just saying.

10. Pocahontas


The only problem with her I have is that she falls in love with a man who's more than 10 years older than her. And her best friend and tribe just allowed it. There could have been many ways to stop their relationship and nothing was really done.

9. Cinderella


While she is a sweetheart and really nice, she's kind of a boring person. And all of her friends are rodents and birds. Even though she makes the best of her situation, things in this movie don't get interesting until she's at the ball.

8. Merida


This is actually one of my favorite movies, "Brave." Merida is a firecracker that makes her own rules. Even though she turns her mother and brothers into bears, we can overlook that because she fixed her mistakes.

7. Anna


Anna is just super pure. I mean, look at that gif. She's so cute, and after everything she went through in her movie, she deserves to be happy and content. And I liked that the message of this movie was about sisterly love and not romantic love, even though there were sparks flying between her and Kristoff.

6. Moana


While she isn't an official princess, I still think she should be considered one. Moana's a passionate girl that will do whatever it takes to protect her family. She also will do anything to follow her dream. We stan a character like this.

5. Mulan


Not only did Mulan save all of China, she found love along the way. Mulan is a very family-oriented daughter who only wants to make her parents proud of her. And in the end, when she did things her way, she made her family and all of China proud.

4. Tiana


Now here's a princess that doesn't need a man. All she wants is to make enough money to build her dream restaurant. But it's not her fault that a prince mistakes her for a princess and turns her into a frog. A minor setback in her life plans.

3. Jasmine


A sassy, fierce princess. All she wants is her freedom away from the castle. She wants to choose who she marries and just wants her independence. And even though she fell in love with a guy who lied to her, she was able to overlook that.

2. Rapunzel


Another very pure princess. This is one of the best "Disney" movies, hands down. Rapunzel is quirky and witty and adorable. Her only fault, falling in love with a criminal. But we all can't be perfect. Even though she is and lives a wonderful life after she and Flynn get married.

1. Ariel


As if it wasn't obvious in the first paragraph, I have been watching this princess since my early childhood. She has always been my favorite and I don't see that changing. This is another princess who just wants her independence and to explore the world. And even though there are some speed bumps along the way, she eventually finds her way back to shore and living her best life.

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