The Ranking of Fast Food Joints
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The Ranking of Fast Food Joints

To celebrate National Fast Food Day, I've compiled a list of my top 8!

The Ranking of Fast Food Joints

November 16th is National Fast Food day!!! It's a staple of American culture, no childhood was complete without a Happy Meal from McDonalds on the way to a school function. In celebration of this glorious day, I've compiled a list of my favorite places to hate myself for eating at. Please share this article along with your own opinions on your social media account! I'm interested to see how my views vary from others!

Disclaimer: I am stubbornly loyal to the chicken nugget and french fry culture. I've never even had a big mac.

8) Burger King

The chicken here comes in tenders rather than nuggets, and that makes me feel as classy as someone eating fast food can feel.

7) Dairy Queen

I've only been a handful of times, but each experience was a great one. Aesthetically, their ice cream can't be beat.

6) Domino's

If you haven't walked into a Domino's and ordered a pie to split in half with your best friend, you're wrong. Go do it. Great experience. Plus, who doesn't like to virtually watch their pizza being made?

5) A&W

I'm simultaneously devastated and grateful that I don't have a location near me at home, because I would be the happiest obese person in the county. Mint soft serve is hard to come by, but they'll put it in a shake for me to enjoy along with chicken and fries. Amazing.

4) McDonald's

I know this one being at #4 is going to be controversial, but to be honest it's never my first choice. I do, however, love the variety of this menu, especially with the extended breakfast hours. I can often be spotted eating their warm chocolate chip cookies while my brother shoves a burger into his mouth, knowing how much he'll regret it later. Love ya bro.

3) Five Guys

This is the one fast food place that can convince me to ditch my chicken nuggets. I loooooove their burgers. Give a girl some bacon and mushrooms, and she's a happy camper.

2) Taco Bell

Nobody could hate me as much as I hate myself for this one. It's disgusting. I've heard all of the rumors about the meat. I just don't care. I cannot bring myself to care when something brings me this much joy.

1) Wendy's

There is nobody happier than me with a 10 piece chicken nugget, medium fry, and a small chocolate frosty in a booth at Wendy's. I live for Wendy's. I would give almost anything for Wendy's at any given moment, and I'm nowhere near as ashamed as I should be of that.

I hope you enjoyed my ranking, and I encourage you to leave your comments/edits below! Share this article with friends and family, and if there are any you haven't visited, make a trip of it!

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