Falvey Library is a great place in so many ways. It has Holy Grounds, quiet study nooks, and places to relax! But which part of the library is the best?!

4. Fourth Floor

The fourth floor is honestly a scary place. Make a sound and you feel fear pulsing through your veins. It is definitely the place to go if you want to prepare for a mentally anguishing exam or if you need to grind out your work. However, it is definitely not a place that one will go to for enjoyment.

3. First Floor

The first floor is a place of talking. Its redeeming quality is the containment of Holy Grounds but that is basically it. There is constant chatter and talking. People hang out on the first floor and "do work". I would know I pretend that having my laptop out while loudly chit-chatting with my friends is work but in reality this isn't the floor to be grinding out any homework on.

2. Second Floor

The second floor is a solid place to study. It also contains the oh so beautiful Reading Room (that is impossible to ever find a seat in around testing season). The Math Learning Resource Center and Writing Center are housed here as well so they are great resources to be utilized. There are a decent amount of tables too. This is the floor of light chatter and work. 75% work and 25% fun on the second floor.

1. Third Floor

The third floor is a crown jewel in my opinion. The fourth floor and third floor are similar in terms of quietness but the third floor tends to be less harsh and terrifying. This is where I go during midterms or finals because this is the grind floor. You can get your work done but feel comfortable unzipping your backpack. This is the place to go if you're going to the library.

Bonus: The Basement

Okay but seriously go downstairs and check out the Idea Accelerator because it is a cool place. It feels like a high-tech place that usually does not see too many visitors. The rooms have cool whiteboards and it is just generally an interesting place to check out.