Ranking The Characters In Suicide Squad
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Ranking The Characters In Suicide Squad

There are still a few diamonds in the rough.

Ranking The Characters In Suicide Squad

Let's get the first bit of addressing Suicide Squad. It's not what we were expecting. This movie had some pretty visible flaws in its execution and repetition, as well as some fairly significant plot details that were missing. But even in some mediocre movies, you can find some gems. The characters in this movie are what pulls it together, as well as the actors who pull it all together. If you've already seen Suicide Squad, let me know if you agree or disagree. To anyone who hasn't seen it, this list is spoiler-free.

Here are the ten characters of Suicide Squad ranked from worst to best.

10. Rick Flag

Ladies and gentlemen, the most generic white male in all existence, fully equipped with completely human strength and experience as a Marine. He's tied into the plot as the supervisor of the team, but it's stereotypical and boring. For a movie that was trying to be different, this guy was the polar opposite of what anyone would expect from a leading role in the plot.

9. Enchantress

Enchantress looks really cool in the beginning of the movie. She's a demon of unknown origins with incredible powers. Cara Delavigne plays this half of her role fantastically with the help of some good special effects. Her tie-in to the story is... less interesting. Enchantress is an old god who possesses an archaeologist that stumbles upon her remains. Unfortunately, that archaeologist is Rick Flag's love interest. The second half of the movie sees another transformation that's frankly unimpressive. All around, fairly disappointing.

8. Captain Boomerang

C'mon. Do we really need a drunk Australian dude who throws boomerangs? I mean, it is kinda funny. But it's way more stupid than it is funny.

7. Katana

Katana's action sequences are captivating, watching her slice her way through anyone who stands before her sword. Her actual character is just a really strict person who enjoys killing people, because her brother got killed by the mob? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

6. The Joker

For everyone eagerly anticipating this classic character, don't get your hopes up. He's in the movie for about twenty minutes and there isn't any time left for characterization, something that's necessary for such a villain. If he had been more involved or had just been added as a teaser, maybe it would have been better. But ultimately, Jared Leto isn't looking great as this generation's clown prince of crime.

5. Amanda Waller

As the woman heading Task Force X, the official name of the Suicide Squad, she's the big boss. Her control over people is absolute and she's no stranger to mind games. Waller is an impressive character, the only kind who could dictate this band of rogues. Viola Davis honestly shines in this role and she proves to be a formidable adversary in the film.

4. Killer Croc

I'll admit it, I have a soft spot for Batman villains. But how do you not love a hulking crocodile-man who can tear peoples heads off with his bare hands? Even though he's usually a silent brute, his few lines are fairly funny and show something human inside of the monster.

3. Diablo

He's a gangster turned to pacifist. But he also has unbelievable powers over fire, able to torch anyone in his vicinity. Diablo's arc from his nonviolent ways to fighting with the team has some real heart. Plus, keeping his powers at bay is a good way of showing the growth of someone who's power limit is unknown.

2. Harley Quinn

Let's face it, nearly everyone came to see the one and only Harley Quinn. She's already a fan favorite, but the fact that Margot Robbie would be playing her fueled the flames of fans everywhere. Some people were disappointed with her storyline, as they're right to do so. She isn't really given justice (no pun intended) in the film. The acting and accurate portrayal of the character still makes her one of the best additions to the film.

1. Deadshot

No one was quite sure what it would be like to see the Fresh Prince don the mask of one of the best assassins in the DC Universe. But he brought a roguish charm to the character that made him a great fit for the heart of the film, as well as the reminder that the villains aren't all evil with his true love of his daughter. All in all, he delivers the best performance of the film.

(Dis)honorable Mentions


Apparently his power is he's really good at tying knots? But he doesn't really do much of that in the movie. Basically his one notable moment is when he punches a woman in the face because she annoyed him. He's not in the movie for long, which is one of a few good decisions made in the creation of the film.

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