Ranking All 23 Movies In The MCU
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Ranking All 23 Movies In The MCU

Looking back and ranking all 23 MCU movies

Ranking All 23 Movies In The MCU

With the second delay on Black Widow, pushing it to 2021, we take a look back at the entire Infinity Saga and rank the first 23 movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. SPOILER ALERT!!!

#23- The Incredible Hulk

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Although Edward Norton plays the part of Bruce Banner well, this movie just lacks an interesting plot or villain that leaves it standing as the odd one out, missing the magic of what most MCU movies bring to the table. Although the final battle scene was entertaining to watch, the rest of this movie is flat out boring, with the coolest moment coming in the end credit scene featuring a surprise visit from Tony Stark.

#22- Thor

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Even though most people consider Thor: The Dark World to be the worst of the Thor movies, I'm actually going to put the original lower on this list. The very Shakespearean film introduces us to Thor in a way that really isn't all that compelling, and doesn't build much on Thor's character besides being sent away from Asgard. The movie serves as more of a development for Loki, who then goes on to become the main villain in the first Avengers movie. Thor's character does not stand out strong in this one, as he later develops into the lovable character he is later on in the MCU. This is easily one of the most forgettable movies in the MCU.

#21- Captain Marvel

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The most interesting part of this movie was seeing Nick Fury's backstory. Captain Marvel was poorly developed as a character, not gaining the traction other MCU heroes get from fans with a subpar performance from Brie Larson and an odd origin story with some plot holes and key story elements that did not make sense. The fight sequences were also not that interesting, as Captain Marvel was too powerful for anyone she faced. Hopefully the sequel will be much better.

#20- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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Following the massive success of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, this film brought the same character dynamics and humor to the stage, but with a much less intriguing story compared to the first. Great soundtrack, but forgettable for the most part. The original is a lot better by far.

#19- Doctor Strange

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This is a hard one to place so low on this list, but I felt the character of Doctor Strange was just hard to connect with in his origin story that seemed to have quite a few parallels with other MCU origin stories. Many love this movie with good reason, for me it just didn't stand out. Doctor Strange seems to be a much more compelling character in the other MCU movies he has made an appearance in, and the sequence with the time loop seemed a bit too repetitive for me. Stunning visuals and cinematography, but I felt this one could have been a lot better. It's still a decent movie.

#18- Thor: The Dark World

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For some reason everyone hates this movie, and I actually didn't find it to be so bad. The fight sequences were cool, such as the one in London, and Jane Foster's character going through the changes due to the aether was something fresh and new to watch how that played out. This one seems to be a bit more memorable than the first, and is made better by the time traveling mission from Avengers: Endgame.

#17- Iron Man 2

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This was still a good movie with an interesting villain seeking revenge on Tony Stark, but the concept seemed to just outdo the actual execution of how the movie played out which leaves this one as the weakest of the Iron Man trilogy.

#16- Ant-Man

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Paul Rudd was perfect for the role of Ant Man and he shows it in his character's origin story movie. The world building of Hank Pym and the technology behind the Ant Man suit was something great to add to the MCU in a lighter tone movie that was fun and entertaining. The villain wasn't the strongest in the MCU, and sees to draw some comparisons to some of the villain Iron Man has faced in regards to similar suits and revenge plots. This leaves this movie somewhere in the middle of the pack.

#15- Iron Man 3

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Following aftermath of the Battle of New York in The Avengers, Iron Man's last solo film is a deeper character study into what becomes a broken Tony Stark. We see how he deals with his own mistakes and how he takes on a sort of father figure for the kid from Tennessee, which gives us a glimpse of what is to come with his relationship with Peter Parker. Although many fans criticize the decision of the Mandarin being a fake, I enjoyed that plot twist and went with it as it was something bold the MCU had not done before. They don't have to stick exactly to the comics so I was ok with it, but all in all, Robert Downey Jr. once again gave a great performance in a good and fitting finale to the Iron Man trilogy.

#14- Guardians of the Galaxy

guardians of the galaxy marvel GIF Giphy

Going in a brand new direction, this is just such a fun MCU movie with so many comedic elements and amazing chemistry among the characters. A great story that shows us to how the team came together and introduces us to Thanos. The soundtrack, acting, and cinematography is spot on to deliver a much needed entry into the MCU.

#13- Black Panther

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Finally bringing us to enter the world of Wakanda, Black Panther might be arguably the the top MCU film in regards to cinematography. The late Chadwick Boseman's performance was inspiring and connected well with audiences. The villain played by MIchael B. Jordan is one of the most complex villains in the MCU, where he becomes understood and makes fans question whether he is right or not. The world and culture building is excellent and sets up the Battle of Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War, going along with a great soundtrack. My only issue with this movie is that there are some parts of the plot that seem a bit slow or extended, but other than that an outstanding Oscar-winning movie.

#12- Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Following Avengers: Endgame, this movie brings to us life after Thanos's snap and Tony Stark's death. We see Peter Parker struggle with losing a father figure, while we see the great dynamic between him and Happy. A lot of Nick Fury was great in this movie and it was very cool to see Spider-Man in Europe in all these different cities and the road trip, high school trip feel to it was also a nice addition. My biggest problem with this movie is that its main plot point is the twist in which Mysterio was actually a villain. That was so predictable, even for one who doesn't watch the comics. Jake Gyllenhaal had a great performance in a very fun and entertaining MCU addition following the hard hitting Avengers Endgame.

#11- Ant-Man & The Wasp

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No high expectations, but such a pleasant surprise. This was a very fun and entertaining MCU movie that took everything that was great from the first Ant Man, and expanded upon that. The chemistry between Ant Man and Wasp was great to see and the movie contained a compelling and complex villain in Ghost, that one could draw empathy for. The third act had so many moving parts it is definitely to keep one entertained. Although it's not such a deeply complex and themed movie, this lighter story following the shocking Infinity War kept fans in good hopes. One of the very best scenes in this movie is the end credit scene, tying into Thanos's snap and what was going on in the rest of the universe, which ties directly into Avengers: Endgame and has a crucial impact on the MCU connecting the quantum realm to the Infinity Saga, and actually brings the plan forward to save everyone who was victim of the snap.

#10- Avengers: Age of Ultron

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What might be the weakest of the Avengers movies is still top notch MCU with the chemistry between the characters at its best and nonstop action. Introducing audiences to new characters such as Wanda and Quicksilver was great, as well as their character development throughout the movie, shifting from villains to heroes alongside the Avengers. A lot of storylines might make this movie a bit hard to understand, but overall definitely worth watching.

#9- Spider-Man: Homecoming


Spider-Man joining the MCU was one of the best decisions the studio has ever made, and this movie plays all its cards right. It has the MCU magic, and connections, making the main villain vulture be influenced by the aftermath of the Battle of New York from The Avengers. Tom Holland does a perfect job portraying the young and quirky Peter Parker, as it is enjoying to see him through high-school and the great chemistry he has with his classmates. Shocking moments and a very well written script make this one stand out, as well as making it one of the funniest movies in the entire MCU. The cherry on top was Tony Stark appearing throughout the movie and mentoring Spider-Man.

#8- Iron Man

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A fitting entry for the first MCU movie with an outstanding performance by Robert Downey Jr. in what was Iron Man's origin story with many great moments throughout the story that made fans love this lesser-known superhero. What is great about this movie that is hard to replicate now in the MCU is how real the story seems to be and believable, without many high expectations that led to Iron Man becoming an immediate classic

#7- Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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This is just one of those movies that keeps you guessing throughout the story and has a darker tone to it. It is one of the few movies in the MCU that one can call a thriller. Seeing the connections to The First Avenger and Bucky, keeps the consistency of the Captain America trilogy as we now see his character adapt to life in the 21st century. The action sequences remain as some of the top in the MCU, and Black Widow alongside Captain America was a treat for all audiences.

#6- Captain America: Civil War

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Although many criticize this movie for being the "money grabber" of the MCU, it plays an integral role for understanding the characters of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers and why they act the way they do, and it is really great to be able to analyze that. Besides the in depth characters study, this movie is just fun all around, introducing us to Black Panther and seeing Ant-Man join up with some of the Avengers. Although the villain isn't one of the best in the MCU, he is very different from the others, as he controls the situation without throwing a punch, and single-handedly tears apart the Avengers from the inside. My only complaint about this movie is that it robs Captain America from a proper third movie to his trilogy, as this one is basically Avengers 2.5, but regardless it has some unforgettable moments.

#5- The Avengers

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With the continuation of higher-stakes Avengers movies, many forget how great the original one was. The heroes all came together in a well-written script that gave them great chemistry and gave each character big moments throughout the movie. Loki was the perfect choice for the first big MCU villain everyone would have to face together. This movie was the first major superhero team-up film, which forever changed the landscape of cinema and blockbusters. The buildup from each character's individual movie made The Avengers pay off tremendously, and set the seeds for what was to come in the future of the MCU.

#4- Thor: Ragnarok

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The biggest surprise in the entire MCU. This is hands down the funniest movie the MCU has produced to date and remains atop of my favorites for how daring Taika Waititi's script was in a story that took fans on a fun adventure through space and completely changed the Thor franchise and character to make him a lot more likable to audiences. Visually stunning and a great ensemble cast featuring Loki, Valkarie, and Hulk, this is a perfectly made MCU film with one of the best villains in the entire infinity saga in Hela, who was a straight up badass we wished we could've seen more of. It will be interesting to see if the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder can live up to the expectations of Thor: Ragnarok.

#3- Avengers: Infinity War

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This might be the largest scale of any MCU movie to date, in regards to how many characters and franchises come together, to share equal amount of screen time in this mega blockbuster. The rise of Thanos as we follow him in his quest to attain all six infinity stones is a refreshing change in perspective. Considering everything being thrown into the mix, as this movie is the dream of a comic book fan, it is actually paced perfectly and makes sure the audience knows how high the stakes are. The shocking ending which instantly became the climax of the entire MCU, will forever remain iconic. People could not stop anxiously talking about this movie until Avengers Endgame released the following year.

#2- Captain America: The First Avenger

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This sits at #2 for me because of my love for history and seeing Captain America during the 1940s and WWII. This is a one of a kind MCU entry that can never be replicated every again and has so many elements that make the story stand out in what I believe to be the best origin story in the entire MCU with moments set up that are payed off perfectly later on in the Infinity Saga. Seeing Steve Rogers become Captain America was a masterpiece and see him continue on with the values he always had and see him go on this crazy adventure. Peggy Carter and Howard Stark are great alongside Steve Rogers in an inspiring and entertaining movie that will forever remain timeless.

#1- Avengers Endgame

Captain America Marvel GIF by Nerdist.com Giphy

There shouldn't be any debate as to why this movie is #1 on my list. This is one of my favorite movies of all time, and the all time highest grossing movie of all time at the box office, all with good reason. This movie has so many great moments throughout and different parts that really mess with our feelings. Watching this in a pact movie theater when it first came out was an experience like no other our generation is lucky to have. Everything in this movie works and acknowledges the time and buildup spent to get to this point. The stakes are as high as ever, each character gets their moment to shine, and the time travel heist was one of the most unique storylines in any movie ever, with so much to work with. This movie has everything from great comedy, dramatic moments, action sequences, famous quotes, and iconic movie scenes that will forever remain a huge part of movie history with the final battle sequence. Captain America and Tony Stark finish off their story arcs in such a fitting way that we are satisfied with the outcome. With so many iconic lines and scenes, this movie marks a spectacular conclusion to the Infinity Saga, as well as pushing forward the rest of the MCU in a comforting transition, and one of the greatest movie endings of all time.

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