If You're Thinking About Having A Random Roommate Freshman Year, DON'T!
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Student Life

If You're Thinking About Having A Random Roommate Freshman Year, DON'T!

Learn from my mistake.

If You're Thinking About Having A Random Roommate Freshman Year, DON'T!
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Alright, this is my experience of having a "random" roommate for the dorms. The reason I put the quotes around random is because it wasn't necessarily random. Let me explain, so back in my day, (I don't know if it's still a thing), we had:


Mine was #TTU19.

I didn't think I had to live in the dorms because my sister and I had a house across the street from campus. They ended up making me live on campus, so I frantically went on the hashtag in the middle of summer and tweeted about needing a roommate.

All the girls that seemed like I would get along well with were taken. I saw this one girl who tweeted almost the same thing as me, so I direct messaged her immediately. At the exact same time that I sent the message, I got a DM from her saying the same thing.

We both were terrified of getting stuck with a horrible random roommate, so we decided to live together. We had different majors, so it was hard to find a dorm that would be available to both of us since most are separated by major.

We got put on the sixth floor of a dorm, which was the top. It wasn't the worst one possible, but definitely not the best. We got to know each other a little by just asking first date type questions. By this point we were stuck with each other, so we couldn't do too much about it.

We seemed pretty compatible though! She told me she was super clean, loved cooking, and would be at the library most of the time because she's a nursing major and she doesn't like going out partying.

So fast forward past move-in day and everyone being fake and super excited about just moving out on their own.

Her room was always messy, she never did laundry, so I had to turn a scentsy on or have a candle burning constantly. She lied about being clean.

She was telling the truth about going to the library often, but she would leave at 9 p.m. just to come back at 7 a.m. and sleep until 4 p.m. If she wasn't on that schedule then she would stay up until 6 a.m. with all the lights on, doing her hair. She would watch Netflix without headphones in, and she knew I was sleeping. I know I snore, so she KNEW when I was asleep or not.

She had friends over while I was sleeping. Like, what?? You can't just invite people over to talk super loud when your roommate is trying to get sleep for her class in a few hours! That's creepy and super rude.

The most frustrating part is next:

My mom sent me a little care package full of snacks and things that I love. One day I noticed that my goldfish were missing, and I knew I didn't eat them because I hadn't been there all day.

I checked the list that came with the box of goodies to see if maybe I was crazy and there were never any in there, I wasn't crazy, they were supposed to be in there. I start noticing every food item in my room started going missing... That's weird.

Wait, here's the best one: I went to chipotle with friends, but I didn't finish it all so I put it in our mini fridge. The next day I went to heat it up, and there was only rice left. Uhhh... I put my fork back into that over and over and you still wanted it?

I had to start hiding my snacks in weird spots so she couldn't find them.

Then one day I was doing my makeup and noticed that a lot of my Guerlain gold primer was missing. Then there was a nail mark in my Mac paint pot that I only use a brush in. Everything started being pretty sketchy, so I started leaving passive aggressive notes on everything. After that, I never had any problems with things missing anymore.

The worst part is that if she had asked to eat any of my food or use my makeup or anything else, I would've said yes! She asked before if she could eat my sandwich in the fridge and of course I said she could.

There are so many other horrible stories I have from living with her, but they would take too long.

Bottom line, room with someone you know, so you don't have to go through what I went through.

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