21 Random Life-Changing Habits

21 Random Life-Changing Habits

Here are some small things that I've started doing that have drastically changed my life.

Growing is inevitable, and there's no growth without some change; that being said, here are some healthy habits that I've recently adopted or that I'm currently working on making a part of my everyday life.

1. Look up words that you don't know. Frequently.

2. If something significant, funny, or just memorable happens, WRITE IT DOWN!

Include the date, who you were with, any specific dialogue you remember, and how it made you feel the same day that it happens.

3. Look up music videos from your childhood or teenage years.

4. Compliment strangers.

5. Search for positivity.

You don't have to go to work; you get to go to work. What we see as burdens, others could count as blessings.

6. Write letters to people that you'll never give them.

7. Learn how to properly use a semicolon.

^ A semicolon is this guy. This sounds stupid, but I've had so many professors comment on the fact that I know how to use one correctly.

8. Write in your Bible.

9. Always be considerate, but learn to say 'no'.

10. Go through your contact list, and send sweet messages to random people.

One of my favorite human beings of all time is my youth pastor's wife, Mrs. Calee; I learned this trade from her. She's shown me the beauty in letting someone know that you're thinking about them- reminding them that their existence affects you. Making a person feel valued only takes a two-lined text message and will work wonders for their self-esteem.

11. Just because you have a history with a person does not mean that you have to have a future with that person.

12. Don't let FOMO (fear of missing out) control you.

Your friends will probably go out again next weekend. If that girl/guy is right for you, it will happen eventually. Expensive trends often die quickly.

13. Let your style change from day to day if you want.

14. Cry when you feel like it, but don't wallow in pity.

15. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Pride makes us want to appear as if we understand everything. If you're unclear on class materials, someone's feelings, or even just part of a story, go ahead and ask, "What does that mean?"

16. Try something you'd never see yourself doing.

17. Talk to God all day.

When you're thankful, mad, bored, excited, hungry- whatever! Get into the habit of constant communication with God, and be honest with Him. He already knows what's hurting you or where you made a mistake; talk to Him about it.

18. Admit to yourself (and sometimes other people) when you need to make a change.

19. Make a physical bucket list with the intention of checking it off.

20. Play with kids.

Their innocence is refreshing.

21. Forgive people even if they never apologize.

They aren't entitled to your trust, but forgiveness isn't for them; it's for you.

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Five Ways to Deal with a Loud Roommate

There is still hope...for a good night's sleep

There is nothing wrong with wanting to bring friends over to your dorm or apartment, but sometimes it is not the right time. During the day, it is completely fine to blast music, but when midnight comes around, it becomes obnoxious. Getting woken up on a school night is not fun, so here are some ways to handle having either one or two loud roommates.

1. Play Loud Music(With/Without Headphones)

If their talking extremely loud or having a loud karaoke session with their friends, it’s only fair to blast your mixtape or your favorite song. Really good ear buds or headphones will do the trick too.

2. Bring Over Your Friends

They want to have a party, then make it a party! You can ignore your roommate while having fun with your own squad. If they get annoyed when their being just as loud with their friends, it means they are hypocrites and it is not your problem.

3. Buy a Big Fan

This works better in an apartment where everyone gets their own room. I know from personal experience that once that loud fan comes on, it blocks out most of the noise surrounding you. I don't recommend using it during the winter unless you get really annoyed.

4. Leave

This is my least favorite solution since it’s not fair, but it isn't a bad idea when you’re on the verge of cursing someone out. Try finding a friend to hang out with. If not, drive or walk around for a while. Just find some peace and quiet, especially if you have to study.

5. Talk to Them

Even if you don’t think they will listen, it doesn't hurt to try. You could address them while their being loud to remind them that you're not deaf. Or you could sit them down and make some sort of an arrangement where you both feel comfortable. If you talk to them and they chose to still be obnoxious, then you might want to consider the other solutions above. Or better yet, get a new roommate.

Cover Image Credit: psIloveyou

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Find Some Time To Do Nothing

Why the suburbs raised me well and I didn’t realize it.

I was born and raised in a small village in Upstate New York called Pittsford. Population: 27,219. I mostly hated growing up there. I always thought I was destined for a city- constant people and things to do. Probably because I was and always have been bad at boredom. Boredom, in many ways, is my worst enemy. As a kid, I never knew what to do with it. I would drive my mom insane pacing around the house trying to get her to take me to do something or play a game with me or just let me ramble about how bored I was to her.

She would incessantly ignore me to the point where I would freak out and get so tired I would have to take a nap. Then she would say - “there you go, that’s all you had to do was just be still.” I never understood that- “just be still.” It made no sense to an anxious, vigorous mind like mine. “Just being still” was just simply not an option.

After almost 10 years of this routine - boredom, anxious pacing and freaking out - I had had enough. I was in 9th grade and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had one last major ‘freak out’ over winter break that year. It lasted nearly 10 hours. I had plainly lost my mind. One shattered mirror, a smashed iPhone and many slammed doors later, I was nearing the end of some of the most painful, dreadful 10 hours of my life.

I found myself lying on a bench in the hallway of my mothers' house, squeezing my head and telling it to shut up. My mom sat with me silently for many hours, repeating the words “just be still.” I got it- I finally got it. That was what was wrong. My head could not be still and boredom itched that reality a little bit too harshly.

With lack of ability to find constant entertainment in my small little town and quaint, quiet neighborhood, I was forced to face the demons in my head that boredom would expose. I realized, through many anxiety attacks and silent days and nights alone with my thoughts, I realized that there had to be an alternative reality- that life couldn’t possibly consist of such incessant anxious nagging thoughts because otherwise, the human race wouldn’t exist.

As a result, I came to understand more of the depths of my being and the crevices of my mind that often acted like black holes. I began to reach inwards for long-term contentment instead of reaching outwards for provisional bliss. Boredom thus has forced and allowed me to come to know myself on a deeper level.

I have been able to understand the demons of the mind and know them on the most personal level possible. I have also learned how to combat these demons before they are even born as a result of knowing them so deeply. So, despite the bad reputation that boredom gets, I attest that it is one of the most crucial parts of personal and spiritual growth. Contrasting with the words of Tyler the Creator- I proclaim that we, the human race, “find some time to do ‘nothing’.”

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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