Growing is inevitable, and there's no growth without some change; that being said, here are some healthy habits that I've recently adopted or that I'm currently working on making a part of my everyday life.

1. Look up words that you don't know. Frequently.

2. If something significant, funny, or just memorable happens, WRITE IT DOWN!

Include the date, who you were with, any specific dialogue you remember, and how it made you feel the same day that it happens.

3. Look up music videos from your childhood or teenage years.

4. Compliment strangers.

5. Search for positivity.

You don't have to go to work; you get to go to work. What we see as burdens, others could count as blessings.

6. Write letters to people that you'll never give them.

7. Learn how to properly use a semicolon.

^ A semicolon is this guy. This sounds stupid, but I've had so many professors comment on the fact that I know how to use one correctly.

8. Write in your Bible.

9. Always be considerate, but learn to say 'no'.

10. Go through your contact list, and send sweet messages to random people.

One of my favorite human beings of all time is my youth pastor's wife, Mrs. Calee; I learned this trade from her. She's shown me the beauty in letting someone know that you're thinking about them- reminding them that their existence affects you. Making a person feel valued only takes a two-lined text message and will work wonders for their self-esteem.

11. Just because you have a history with a person does not mean that you have to have a future with that person.

12. Don't let FOMO (fear of missing out) control you.

Your friends will probably go out again next weekend. If that girl/guy is right for you, it will happen eventually. Expensive trends often die quickly.

13. Let your style change from day to day if you want.

14. Cry when you feel like it, but don't wallow in pity.

15. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Pride makes us want to appear as if we understand everything. If you're unclear on class materials, someone's feelings, or even just part of a story, go ahead and ask, "What does that mean?"

16. Try something you'd never see yourself doing.

17. Talk to God all day.

When you're thankful, mad, bored, excited, hungry- whatever! Get into the habit of constant communication with God, and be honest with Him. He already knows what's hurting you or where you made a mistake; talk to Him about it.

18. Admit to yourself (and sometimes other people) when you need to make a change.

19. Make a physical bucket list with the intention of checking it off.

20. Play with kids.

Their innocence is refreshing.

21. Forgive people even if they never apologize.

They aren't entitled to your trust, but forgiveness isn't for them; it's for you.