Ramen and Coffee and Pizza; Oh My!

Returning back to college this semester after a much-needed summer break has proven to be fairly simple over the past couple days. My parents helped move my stuff into my room. I was able to pick my roommate, so the atmosphere wasn't awkward at all. I was able to reconnect with a few friends, eat free ice cream, and get settled in before the start of classes. But as I sit here reflecting on the ease of the first few days, I am also reminded of what lays ahead of me in the semester to come: too much fun, a thousand memories, some stress, multiple papers, and many late nights, all leading to the inevitable meals of Ramen noodles, coffee, and pizza.

Maybe I am a stereotypical college student for including these foods in my diet, but each one of these foods is essential in forming the student for future success. Each food contains bountiful goodness that inspires the student to keep pushing forward in their academic careers. Included in every bite/sip is the perfect amount of flavor and motivation to type another paragraph, to read another page, and to study for another twenty minutes. It might sound crazy, but it is most definitely one hundred percent fact that these foods help the average students turn into star students.

1. Ramen Noodles

Ramen noodles are one of the best study foods because of the multitude of flavors you can buy. There are enough flavors for you to match one with each class. You want beef when you're studying for sociology? Chicken for economics? Shrimp for philosophy? Pork for theology? Oriental for world history? You got it! Head on over to your local college-town Walmart to pick up a 12-pack of your favorite flavor for only $2.39! Not only is this brain food relatively inexpensive, but it has great nutritional value as well! By eating one package of the delicious noodles, you increase your protein intake by ten grams! The rest of the nutrition label is unimportant.

2. Coffee

Coffee is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to studying or writing papers. If you cannot get another five minutes of work done without wondering if you are even really alive, then you better start walking to the cafe nearest to you! Whether you want a large black coffee or a small sugary latte, the caffeinated beverage will surely arouse your brain and evoke your best writing skills. Your fingers will be flying across the keyboards at a minimum rate of 6,472 keys per minute! You may feel sleepy after the coffee leaves your body, but do not fear because all you need is another cup of coffee!

3. Pizza

Pizza is a typical food for all human beings. Let's be real, who doesn't love tons of carbs with sauce and cheese piled on top? The deliciousness combined with the effect it has on your study habits proves that it is perfectly okay to eat pizza for one meal per day. Cheese pizza has the ability to quicken your reading pace, increasing speeds by 150%. When you add hamburger or pepperoni, you acquire the ability to make flashcards at the amazing rate of 65 cards per minute. Finally, when you add chocolate and marshmallows, you can earn the right to get every test question wrong and still receive at least a B. Isn't this crazy? Everyone should be eating pizza constantly!!

While many studies and surveys show that Ramen noodles, coffee, and pizza can be very unhealthy for young college students, I beg to differ because of the positive impact each food has on my educational habits. Ramen helps me taste my classes, coffee encourages me to stay awake, and pizza encourages me to enhance my study habits in new ways. Now that I am back for my sophomore year, I cannot wait to discover more foods and drinks that positively impact my education!

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