I have this problem where I have pretty much zero expectations for people, yet I tell all my friends to have high standards. I always think I'm doing too much, but I realized that it's not bad to make sure people actually give a shit about you. Also I realized that you can't be too much, someone (or some people) are just not enough for you, and that's completely fine! That doesn't mean that something is wrong with you or wrong with them, it's just that you're not compatible. (I'm not just talking about boys, but also friendships.)

You have to have higher standards for relationships and how you allow people to treat you. I think we settle a lot because we think that this is the best we can get, but I promise that is not true. You can always do better than you think you can.

You shouldn't have to ask people to be there for you. If they're not, then it's their loss for missing out on the amazing person that you are.

Love yourself enough to realize that you are more than enough and that people who truly care about you are willing to do things for you. People will be there for you if and only if you let them.

Surround yourself with people you feel comfortable around and who support you no matter what. We constantly surround ourselves with people who aren't real friends, and we just accept this as a part of life. This shouldn't be true.

I have an amazing group of friends (I had seven roommates at one point) and I know these people will be there for me forever. Everyone has a different way of showing their love-one of my friends made me a Spotify playlist of songs that reminded them of me, another one of my friends just sits there and listens while I plan my entire life out late at night, and one of my friends never fails to hype me up. I could go on and on about how great my friends are, but I only got these friends because I finally realized I'm worth more than an occasional text here and there.

Also, you should know how to be a good friend. I know this article is all about how you should GET WHAT YOU DESERVE in a friendship, but you should also make sure you're there for other people and being the best friend/girlfriend/person you can be.

If you're ever feeling sad or if you ever feel like you're not enough I 10/10 recommend listening to these two songs to make you feel like the bad bishhhh you are!