Whenever it's raining, we usually get down and out, but why not make it a time of productivity and fun?

1. Baking

Everybody loves a fresh batch of cookies, so why not try a new recipe?

2. Read a book

Is there a book you've been trying to read, but you just haven't had the time? Try starting it when it rains.

3. Netflix/Hulu

Finish binge watching that TV show, or start a new show that has been on your list for a while.

4. Clean

No one likes to clean, but when you're stuck inside on a rainy day, why not get it done then? Turn on some music and get to cleaning! Try a task that no one ever likes doing like cleaning out the fridge or dusting the blinds

5. Relax and take time for yourself

Take a nap or a bubble bath. Sit and enjoy the sound of the rain hitting your windows. Paint your nails, try that new face mask, or sit in your PJ's all day.

6. Plan ahead

Use this rainy day to plan for your next big adventure, project, or month. Plan out your work schedule, school schedule, homework schedule, or anything that you've been meaning to be more organized about.

7. Shopping

Who says you have to stay in when it's raining? Use this day to go shopping and treat yourself to a new outfit or some new makeup products. Everyone needs a shopping day every now and then.

8. Game night

Invite your friends over, or just have a game night with your family. Pull out all of the board games, card games, and any other games you have.

9. Plan your outfits for the next week

Take this time to pick out your outfits and save you some time in the mornings for the next week.

10. Movie marathon

Start a movie series, or just pick out lots of movies that you want to watch. Pop some popcorn and watch them all afternoon long.

11. Dance

Turn on your favorite music and dance like no one is watching. Have a dance party with friends or have one by yourself.

What do you do when it rains?