I used to be naïve. I used to think that in the United States, the greatest country in the world by the way, that racism and prejudices would eventually fade away. I used to say to myself and others, "My generation won't allow it to continue, we're much more accepting and open then our parents and grandparents were. Racism will eventually die." Yeah, I know, that was definitely wishful thinking. As most of us do, I grew up and started to realize that not everyone thinks alike, not everyone can accept everyone as an equal human being. However, I never really understood how much further we had to go, how much progress needs to be made in order for my wishful thinking to become reality.

To me, there is no question that our president ran a divisive campaign. He chose to take the pessimistic route, playing off the bad in America and the dangers we could potentially face which, by the way is not necessarily wrong. However, his rhetoric about Muslims and Mexicans and others has seemingly given some confidence to the close-minded cowards of the world. It gave judgmental jerks the feeling that they can say whatever they want.

I was scrolling down Facebook the other day and there was a post about comedian George Lopez's new show on TV Land along with some of his upcoming comedy acts. I clicked on the picture and started to read the comments. Unfortunately, there were only comments from disgusting internet trolls. For example, "I thought he was going to make America great again and LEAVE." or "Omg I cant believe Hugley is performing with this racist piece of shit! Well come to think about it he's racist too. So actually its a match made in heaven!!!" And finally, "F**King d**** can't even get another Latino comedian to perform with him or open the BS recycled act. F*** you B****! I hope you get deported to El Salvador or wherever you're from."

Not only are these comments disgusting and despicable, but we all know that if these people were in the presence of George Lopez or any other minority there is no way they would have the guts to say it to their face. But, quite frankly, that's what racist and prejudice people do. They hide behind their computer screen or their little or pathetic white sheets or their confederate flags and complain about how terrible they believe minorities make the United States. In reality, if you're in public and you have to look over your shoulder and lower your voice before you say a word about a certain group of people, you probably shouldn't say it. Racist and prejudice people, you have it all backwards. You're not better than the people you so blatantly disrespect. A person is judged by their character, not by the color of their skin or sexual orientation. By those standards you are the worst people of all. You are what's wrong with the United States of America.