Things Racist People Still Say In The Current Year
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Things Racist People Still Say In The Current Year

Dedicated to all the “non-racists” out there.

Things Racist People Still Say In The Current Year

Considering the recent dilemma with a post made by a student describing what being black in America is and my own personal experience with discovering my hallmates racism, this article is long overdue. This article is not only a testimony to African-Americans who have been told what they can and cannot do for centuries.

This is an article to educate those who believe they are not racist because frankly, those people turn out to be the most racist of them all. Differences should be celebrated, not put down.

“I’m Not Racist, but…”

It felt appropriate to lead with this one as it is most popular among our racist compadres. First of all, everything before that comma already signals you to be a racist. Racist people feel as if they have to bluntly say they are not racist if you’re not racist people just know. You don’t have to verbally say it. Second of all, the word but is a dependent clause. To break it down a bit more, the word “but” cancels everything preceding it. This means the most significant part of the sentence is what is following the word but. This is why the word is so widely misused.

“No Offense, but All [a specific race] Look Alike”

My racist child, how confused you are. Oh and look that sneaky word “but” yet again revealing its destructive tendencies. How can a whole race of people look exactly alike? A single person is not even symmetrical, so I’m certain every person has their differences. This is my issue with identical twins because no two people can be truly identical. Just because you cannot tell the difference, does not mean they all look alike. This is so inconsiderate. This is why twins and siblings hate when people say they look “exactly” alike. Similar, yes because they are siblings. Exactly alike, not a chance.

***By the way, if the people who said this to me are reading this, this is a nod to you of thanks for inspiring this article.

“Why We Can’t Say The N-Word When We Invented It?”

This is so inconsiderate. I just want to come out and say I don’t think anyone should use it Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic. Absolutely, no one. Those of you using this word have no context of the meaning behind this word. Those of you who claim you do know the context and still use it, you still don’t know. You don’t truly know the context of this word until someone has referred to you in that way as an insult. You don’t comprehend the negative connotation of that word until your mother tells you stories of your great grandmother getting called that dreadful word. That word is a slap in the face. If you ever directly call me that word or say that in my presence, I will give you a straight up history lesson until your ears bleed. Now you should know that some Blacks have reclaimed the word as a term of endearment or as a power move. Even Sojourner Truth in her "Ain’t I A Woman?" speech refers to Blacks in that term. To those people I say, how do you expect Whites to stop using the word if you continue to use it? Courtney C. Stevens says, “... Nothing changes, if nothing changes…” which I stand by firmly.

“I Have A Black Friend or Sibling”

This one kills me to the core. This makes me drop you so quick. I refuse to be your “token Black friend” because you think I’m some sort of “Oreo” (don’t even get me started on this slang term, just too many times I was insulted by this). Being friends with someone Black or adopting a Black person into your family does not make you any less racist. In fact, I would worry about that child you adopted because of fear they may never know their culture or worse: reject their culture. Will you believe I was asked by a white person, what is wrong with using this phrase as evidence of not being racist?

“Make America Great Again”

What do you mean by this Trump? What part of America was so great? When African-Americans were enslaved? When African-Americans were being asked to go back to Africa after the work they put in to build the nation? How about when African-Americans were being discriminated against and denied the opportunity to vote?

Oh, wait, wait I got it. The time that African-Americans were shot and/or imprisoned for the color of their skin. My mistake, that is present day. If you did not know how racist and sexist America truly was, take a look back into how the 2016 election went, where the country was covered in red. The country would rather have someone that discriminates anyone that is not white and disrespects and/or sexualizes women than to have a woman in office. Let that sink in.

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