I have grown up to believe that skin color doesn't matter. If a person is good, they're good. I've never cared about the color of a persons skin, their religion, etc.

I've never really cared when making friends what their skin color or ethnicity was either, if they're kind and funny then I wanted to be their friends. It has never mattered to me and continues to not matter to me.

While we are on the topic, I hate the stigma some people have about what beauty is too. There is inner and outer beauty. Outer beauty is based on looks, I get that. What it's not based on is your skin color. I hate when I hear people say someone isn't pretty because of their skin color. How is that okay in anyway? Whether you are white, black, etc you can still be drop dead gorgeous.

Your skin color doesn't make you any prettier or uglier, it is literally just a persons melanocytes producing different kinds and amounts of melanin. That is it. There is nothing that makes a person better than another person because they're a certain skin color. This needs to stop. This way of thinking never was okay and never will be.

Religion is important to others, don't mess with other peoples religious opinions. You aren't going to force your religion on other people, so stop trying. No religion is better than any other one, so stop preaching that. Faith is sacred to people and we need to learn to respect other's.

Listen, I am not super religious but I affiliate with Catholicism. Why? I believe in a lot of things that Catholics believe in and although I don't go to church every Sunday and I may not be a perfect Catholic, there is not perfect Catholic.

I may affliate with this religion but I love learning about other religions and keeping an open mind. I worked at a methodist church, catholic school and now a Jewish Preschool. I have loved working at all these places but especially the Jewish preschool. I have gotten to learn and respect the Jewish religion and culture a lot more than before. I have gotten to talk to people from Israel and actually learn more about why their religion is important to them.

No, this didn't make me want to change religion but it allowed me to be more open minded. I prefer to live my life this way.


I'm filling my heart with love and respect for others rather than hate and ignorance. I want to live in a world that can respect and love others the way we were intended to. I have seen throughout my life what an ignorant heart looks like and I don't want that. I don't know why anyone would want to ever live with that type of hate in their heart. It makes you ugly and miserable.

I hope one day people will learn to respect others for their differences rather than judge and discriminate.