Rachel Should Have Never Gotten Off Of The Plane, Bottom Line
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Rachel Should Have Never Gotten Off Of The Plane, Bottom Line

Rachel not going to Paris was the biggest mistake ever.

Rachel Should Have Never Gotten Off Of The Plane, Bottom Line

So I just finished watching Friends for the hundredth time and I am just going to say it... RACHEL SHOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN OFF THE PLANE!

First, let me just start by saying that Ross was by no means good enough for Rachel. HE held her back in so many ways.

He asked her to give up her dream of going to the fashion center of the world to be with him. Any man or woman that truly loves you would never ask you to give up your dreams for them!

Second, Ross is a passive man (and there is nothing wrong with that) but he just isn't right for Rachel.

Rachel is a strong powerhouse of a woman. She managed to grow from being a daddy's girl, reliant on someone else's money, who got her first job at a coffee house and worked hard to get a job at Bloomingdale's and Ralph Lauren to an amazing job in Paris.

If Ross had truly loved Rachel, he would have looked for jobs himself and HE would have moved to Paris. You can study dinosaurs anywhere. Better yet, being in Europe Ross would have been even closer to dig sites in Africa and Asia.

Third, let's not forget that Ross cheated on Rachel! I don't agree with all this "we were on a break" crap because a break is not a breakup! Ross was angry at Rachel for once again working on herself and forwarding her career. Not everyone gets a job as a professor and is successful right away.

We Were On A Break

This was Rachel's first experience working and trying to establish herself as a professional. Ross couldn't understand that!

He needed Rachel to spend all her time with him and not focus on building up herself! He was mad about that and he CHEATED on her.

From that moment on the whole I love him, I hate him, story line just shouldn't have happened.

Needless to say, I have very strong feelings about this. Rachel needed to stick to her guns and do what was best for her.

Ross overwhelmed her in an airport and she fell for it. Who knows, three weeks later she might have woken up, realized her mistake and wouldn't have been able to do anything about it.

We will never know... that is until our prayers are finally answered and we get a Friends reunion! One can only hope!

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