Rabble Is A Fun And Hilarious Card Game Alternative For College Nights Out
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Rabble Is A Fun And Hilarious Card Game Alternative For College Nights Out

Want to save money and not go out? Play Rabble instead.

Rabble Is A Fun And Hilarious Card Game Alternative For College Nights Out

OK, picture this: You and your friends want to go out to the club and turn up, but there's one slight problem. You have bills coming up, and you'll be damned if you don't have heat, water, or any electricity. Your friends still want to have a good time, but they have no idea what to do. Then suddenly a shining beaming ray of light comes down from your ceiling, and in like a saving grace from God it appears in front of you: Rabble.

OK, so maybe it doesn't exactly go down like that but you get the picture.

Rabble is a card game that almost plays like charades, but with its own little twists to it. There are two teams, and you have to work together to guess all of your team's Rabble cards within 45 seconds each round. At the beginning of each round, each team gets 20 Rabble cards and six challenge cards. On each Rabble card, there is a word that one person on your team has to act out for three rounds.

I know what you're thinking. "This is just like charades, but with cards!" "Where's the twist?" "I'd rather go out and not have electricity at home." See, that's where the challenge cards come in. During each team's guessing turn, the enemy team has to play a challenge card from their deck of six to give to the other team. Each challenge card has a hilarious and sometimes (most of the time) embarrassing and difficult task that you have to perform, which makes the game challenging and fun. For example, while I was acting out the card "Drunk Sex" (yes, that's a card), I had to act like a baby in the process. It was completely embarrassing to do, but everybody around me seemed to be enjoying me making a fool out of myself.

It's even worse as you go through each round due to the difficulty increasing every time. During round one, you're allowed to use words, sounds, and gestures to act out cards. In round two you can only use one word per card and sounds, and on round three you can only use gestures. I should also mention that certain challenge cards only work for certain rounds, so they only make it more difficult for you and your team. For every card your team guesses right, you earn a point for that round. Whichever team has the most points at the end of all three rounds wins the game.

After playing this game with my friends, I have to say this was the most fun we'd ever had with any card game. Something about Rabble grabbed our attention and wouldn't let go of us, and we always found ourselves to be playing one more round over and over again. If everybody participates and comes into the game with positive energy and whatever the challenge card says no matter how silly or demeaning it is, I promise you that you and your friends will have an amazing time and the bond that you all have with each other will only grow stronger in the process. Plus, it really is a good option to consider instead of going out and spending money. So stay in with your buddies, have a drink or two, and let the madness of Rabble surround you. You won't regret it.

**I received a free copy of Rabble in exchange for an honest review.

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